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go to Walmart and look in a gun bible in the sporting goods

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Q: What is the value of a Remington Game Master pump action rifle model number 141 serial number 30501?
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What is the manufacturing date of a Remington model 12c pump action 22 rifle serial number RW156239?

RW is Remington Works, not part of the serial no. 1912.

How do you find the age of a Remington model 510 22cal target master?

Find the serial number and google the Remington sight. They should have records of when the weapon was produced.

What is the value of a Remington wing master 870 16 gauge serial number 69426W?

10-350 USD or so

What is the manufacture date of Remington field master 121 serial number 30625?

Check the date code on the barrel. See related links for information on the Remington Society of America.

Is 3022800 a Remington serial number?


How old is the Remington pump action 14 rem carbine with a serial number C1588?

First year production 1912.

How old is my Remington Rand serial number C115279?

the serial number is not a remington rand serial number. it is a colt commercial 1911. you have a rem-rand slide on a colt frame. sorry.

What year is a Remington 700 with serial number A6626481?

Your remington model 700 which has a letter A prefix to the serial number,indicates that it was made in 1980.

How do you find out what year my Remington Model 11 was built?

Post a serial or call Remington.

When was a Remington 12-A rifle Serial?

Impossible to answer without a serial number.

What is the value of Remington 1100 serial number m005356v?

Email Remington with the #. They will get back to you.

What is the date of your model 700 Remington with the serial number C6237546?

Your remington model 700 was made in 1982 with the letter C prefix to the serial number.

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