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"value" is different for different people. on the gunbroker site, there are several priced between $300 and $500. the lower ones have a couple bids, nobody is even looking at the $425 to $500 examples. my guess would be $400 for real world selling.

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โˆ™ 2007-09-08 01:06:47
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Q: What is the value of a Remington Model 788 22-250 with Universal scope?
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Where can you get a mount for your scope for a Remington Model 750?

The scope mount for the Remington Model 750 is regularly sold at

What scope was used on the Remington 700?

Any scope that you choose to use can be used on your remington model 700.

What is the value of a remington270 model 700 with scope?

price of a 710 model Remington rifel..

Would it be possible to fit a scope to Remington model 572?


What is the Value of a Remington model 700 ml?

with out scope probally about 250

Where can you find a scope mount for an 870 express Remington youth model?

What would be a good scope for a Remington model 700 rifle?

It all depends on what you are doing.

When did they make the Lyman Scope 422 expert?

In 1938, Remington began offering that scope on the Model 341 rifle. When you bought it WITH the rifle, it was $8.25.

Is a Remington Model 514 .22 rifle made to be fitted with a scope?

Yes, but you have to drill and tap.

Value of remington 742?

$260-680, depending on condition, scope, exact model, etc

What is a 243 Remington 700 youth model worth with Simmons scope?

100-500 USD

How do you install a scope on a model 514 Remington 22 cal rifle without using an expensive scope mounting jig?

You need a good gunsmith

What is the value of a Remington model 760 savage 300 with a Redfield scope?


What is the value of a Reminton model 700 in 22250 bolt action blued with walnut stock and Bushnell scope?

How old is it? Barrel length? How much of the finish is present? What condition is the stock in? Broad range 200-500

What is the value of a Remington model four 30-06 with a scope and case in excellent condition?

about $400 if in good condition

What is a Remington Model 40-XBR worth?

i say one sell for $1000- with a leopold 36 x scope .

How do you sell a model 6 Remington?

In Real Good shape , the 270 Long Action Model 7400 is worth $250 too $350 less the scope .

What size is a Remington 760 drilled and tapped for scope mounts?

Check the scope mount makers web sites or call Remington.

The cost of a Remington woodsmaster model 742 30-06 serial no 7013198?

$300 without a scope in 95% condition!!

Is your Remington model 7400 3006 any good seems to keep throing my scope off?

All rifles or reasonable caliber are going to have recoil, I would look at your mounts or scope. tighten up your scope rail

What is the value of a Remington Arms 7mm-08 Model seven 7683016 with strap and scope?

100-500 USD depending on condition.

What is the fair market value for a model 700 Remington 30-06 with a 3 x 9 Redfield scope?

$650 NIB.

What scope fits the dboys kar98k?

Remington 30-06 Springfield scope.

What brand of scope is on the Remington 770?

A Bushnell 3-9x40 variable scope

What is a Remington 308 Model 788 worth?

It is not possible to give an answer without a lot more information. The condition of the rifle, that is condition of the metal (blue) and wood (stock). Whether it has a scope or not. Make of scope and type (make of ) base and rings.A Remington 308 Model 788 is worth about $400 dollars in excellent condition without out scope. Could be less or could be more depending on what I stated in the above paragraph.