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What is the value of a Riverside arms 12 gauge pump made for Montgomary Wards serial number 41210 30 inch barrel full choke 60 percent blueing?

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September 15, 2011 11:18AM

typically, the gun is worth between 100-150 dollars. these guns

were never a high end item and were bought more by common folks

such as ourselves at a time when money was some what tight. refered

to as contract guns , they were made by brand name gun

manufacturers for such companies as Montgomery ward , sears western

auto, etc. . these guns were produced by the thousands an weren't

sold so much for their looks as for their function ," they got the

job done ", tho little collector value , most of them have been in

the family for many years an generally hold a greater value in our

heart , on which some of us can place no value.

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