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40-400 usd

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Enfield Jungle carbine stamped 7.62mm2A RFI 1965 what can you tell me about it?

It was manufactured in India by Ishapore, and fires the 7.62x52 NATO cartridge. These are not converted rifles, but were actually manufactured as such. The 2A and 2A1 were modeled after the Short Magazine Lee Enfield, No. 3 Mk I rifle (which was licence manufactured in India until 1960). If it's in a shortened "jungle" configuration, this was done by someone after the rifle was manufactured, as Ishapore never manufactured rifles in this configuration.

What is stamped on the back of the 2005 liberty nickel?

The obverse side of the 2005 Liberty nickel is stamped with a profile of President Jefferson on the left side, the words, "In God We Trust", the handwritten cursive word, "Liberty", and the year, "2005".

Where is the mint letter stamped on a Liberty half dollar?

it does not have one.

What does jewelry stamped Thailand mean?

It means the piece was manufactured in Thailand.

Would an m1 carbine with pmc stamped on the receiver be made by plainsfield mfg company?

Needs to be examined by a gunsmith

What does RA stamped in silver jewelry mean?

It is the initials of the company that manufactured the Jewelry.

What does it mean when a white gold necklace is stamped Canada near the clasp?

It means that it was manufactured in Canada.

What is the age and value of an M-1 Carbine Inland Division sn 6296665?

AnswerAbout 1 inch behind the front site there should be a date stamped. That was the date that the barrel was manufactured. My Inland is stamped 11/43 and has a seriel number of 93xxxx so yours should have been made later than that. If it was made during the war, the time between the barrel date and completion of the weapon shouldn't bee too long.I recently sold my other carbine for $450 but it was in really good condition.********FWIW, all M1 carbines made for the US military were made between 1941 and 1945. Inland Division of General Motors made 2,632,097 carbines, and was sole producer of the M1A1 Carbine.

What does paj stamped on jewelry mean?

PAJ stamped on jewelry means the item is manufactured by Prime Art and Jewel, Inc.

When was Remington Model 12C SN 637416 manufactured?

1925, check the date code stamped on the barrel. Remington Society of America, Manufactured Date link has the details.

What year was the Remington speedmaster 241 serial 21977 manufactured?

check the date code stamped on the barrel, see the manufactured date link on the Remington Society of America.

Stamped on each chip of a ram module is a blank that identifies the date the chip was manufactured?

Chip ID

What does MAN THAI stamped on silver ring band mean?

MAN THAI means manufactured in Thailand.

What does made 111 mean stamped on an antique doll?

It most likely means manufactured January, 1911.

What is the value of a 2010 .9995 Platinum Liberty American Eagle Coin stamped Copy?

Copies of bullion coins have no numismatic collectible value, most sell for $5.00 or less at coin shows.

Why is the symbol WRACO stamped over the serial number?

So you will know it was manufactured by Winchester Repeating Arms Co.

What date was smith and Wesson 861885 manufactured what is the model?

model stamped inside cylinder housing near barrel.

Did american gypsum manufactor drywall with the name armendariz stamped on it?

No, they did not.

What does A and H stamped on the bottom of Zippo lighters stand for?

The letters refer to the month of the year that the lighter was manufactured. A= January, etc.

When was the Remington model 6 serial number 365057 manufactured?

1923 - will be date code stamped, see related links

What German musical instrument company manufactured rotary valve trumpets and stamped 5 on middle valve?

LJ hutchen

How do i identify a standing liberty coin with no date and a M stamped on the right, lower front of coin.?

Identify in what way?

What is value of coin stamped with United states and statue of liberty?

Dates and denominations are needed. Post new question.

What does LR mean stamped inside a ring?

An LR mark stamped inside a ring means that it was manufactured by a jeweler named Louis Rousselet. Louis Rousselet was from France and created jewelry for over 50 years.

When was Remington model 14 serial number 117319 manufactured?

1931, it'll be date code stamped, see related links.