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on page 77 of the 28th edition of "blue book of gun values is a beautiful picture of the model 1903 with serial # 79070 that was made circa 1907. you can view it online at their website , I have found values of 150.00 to 250.00

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Q: What is the value of a Savage Arms mfg in Utica NY 22 s l lr with an octagon barrel stamped patent pending Dec 26 1906?
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Where do you find the model number on an old savage 22 rifle?

It should be stamped on the barrel It should be stamped on the barrel

Who made a 22 rifle octagon barrel elg stamped on side with an s and a star just above the serial number 1180 stamped enderneath barrel?

Made in Belgium.

Can you shoot 250 Savage ammo in a 250 3000 rifle?

No. The savage has its own chamber design. Use only what is stamped on the barrel.

How old is a 22 caliber Savage pump action rifle with an octagon barrel serial 44274?

Mine is 1906 but is clearly stated on top of barrel

What is a Model 72 Savage 22 with an octagon barrel worth?

In good condition the going collectors price is around $240.

What was the last year an octagon barrel rifle made in Belgium without the caliber stamped on gun?

Hasn't happened yet.

What is a 12 ga savage model 67 with name and model on barrel double stamped at factory?


What type of ammo does a savage 3030 rifle fire?

The barrel should be stamped 30-30 winchester.

Who made a 22lr single shot lifting block with Noris stamped on barrelit has an octagon barrel?

i have one of those too and it has the noris stamped on the stock too, but i have no idea who made it.

Savage model 72?

Yes there is a Savage Model 72. It is a .22 LR single shot with an octagon barrel. It has a Falling or Rolling block action. They were made around the early to mid 70's.

What is the value of a 1905 22 caliber savage pump rifle with octagon barrel?

What is a savage 1899 B octagon barrel in 303 savage worth?

The Savage model 1899B ranges in price from 550-900 dollars for a rifle with between 60%-90% of mits original finish remaining,and a good bore.

Value of savage model 29 22 Cal octagon barrel checkered grips?

About $400-$450, dependng on condition. Octagonal barrel indicates made before WW II, changed to round barrel after the war.

What is the value of a 22 pump rifle with octagon barrel made by Savage Arms Company?

Just what you have described. Without more information, no better answer can be given.

What year is model 72 octagon barrel savage rifle?

hello how old is my savage model 72 seral # isb195687.The savage/stevens model 72 crackshot rifle was made from 1972-1989.Your rifle has a 22in.octagon barrel,and is chambered in .22 long rifle caliber.It has a color case hardened frame,straight stock,and open sights.

Is there a hexagonal barrel?

No but there is a octagon barrel

Savage model 1895 serial number 73 dot 276 Octagon Barrel chambered in 3030 Would like to know year of mfg and history of the rifle?

It's a Savage 1899, not 1895, and it was manufactured in 1907.

Age of Savage pump model 29 octagon barrel 22 cal?

i've got one, was my grandmother's. she etched her initials and date on the stock, 1929

What is the value of a Savage Arms 22 cal pump action rifle with an octagonal barrel with serial no 13549 worth?

I am going to assume that you have a savage model 29 pump action .22cal rifle.These were made with a octagon barrel up to 1940.these 22 cal rifles range in price from 220-350 dollars depending on condition.

How old is a 22 caliber Savage pump action rifle with an octagon barrel serial 33023?

Without saying the model number in your question? The best that I can do is say that you may have 1 of 2 models.The savage model 25 had a octagon barrel and a pump action,open sights,takedown,hammerless,tube magazine,plain pistol grip stock.These were made between 1925-1929.The second model is the model 29.These pump action .22cal rifles had a 22in.octagon barrel until 1940,open sights,checkered pistol grip stock on the pre-war version.these were made by savage between 1929-1967.

Savage 22 rifle octagon barrel dated April 1818?

Not a good description. The .22 rimfire was not invented until 1856, so a rifle made in 1818 could not be.

Did Savage make the model 220 in 22 caliber shot?

Yes SAVAGE DID MANUFACTURE A MODEL 220 in 22 SHOT.I am sure because I am LUCKY enough to have one.Reciever end is size of 22 cal of course. Muzzle end about the size of a 410. Barrel stamped--SAVAGE ARMS CORPORATION UTICA NEW YORK U.S.A MODEL 220. Other side of barrel (right side) stamped 22 SHOT. Hope this helps.I never seen another nor have I found anyone who has!!

What Model is a Marlin Lever Action Rifle centerfire with Patented October 11 1887 and April 2 1889 stamped on a 24 inch octagon barrel?

That would be a model 1889.

Who invented the octagon barrel for rifles?


What is the value of a 303 savage model 99 SN113129?

It would be hard to determine the value of your model 1899 savaqe need to include if the rifle in question has a octagon barrel or round barrel,barrel length,if your rifle is engraved etc.these model 1899 rifles were produced between the years 1899-1922.The serial number provided shows that your firearm was produced in 1911.Please fill in the questions on this rifle and I will be better able to provide a answer as to the value of your savage.