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I bought a Savage model 99e in .308 caliber in 2005 without a scope for around $250.00 from a friend. The Gun Trader's Guide lists it in new condition for $402.00 and it was made between 1960 through 1989. Thank you

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โˆ™ 2008-12-27 22:03:05
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Q: What is the value of a Savage Model 99E rifle equipped with a Weaver Scope?
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Find the manufacture date for savage model 1899 22 hp serial number 138958?

Does it have the Weaver scope? No scope.

What is a savage and anschutz model 164 sporter with weaver scope worth?

$475.00 if in 100% condition

What model Weaver scope was offered on the Winchester Model 190 rifle?

weaver marksman 4x

Where can you find a scope mount for a savage springfield model 840 3030?

The Savage springfield 840 is the later version of the Saveage 340. Midway USA has a #1 weaver mount for the 840. Under savage 340 they also offer a B-square mount with rings that has better reviews than the weaver mount.

What kind of scope rings do you need to mount a scope on a model 512 slugmaster bolt action shotgun you have the side plate?

Hello: Weaver offers a scope base for the Marlin Model 512 Slugmaster, contact Weaver for a complete package. Thanks side scope mount (Weaver 10M)

Will the savage 110 E use the same type of scope mounts as a savage 110 with an accutrigger?

Yes I believe that the Savage model 110E and the regular model 110 will share the same scope Mounts.

What is a weaver scope on an airsoft gun?

weaver refers to the type of scope mounts the scope uses. a weaver scope can mount on any rail size.

What is the scope mount for a Stevens model 325-c?

what is the scope mount for savage 325 c

What is the value of a Savage 30.06 with a Simmons 3x9x40 scope with Weaver mounts?

$600-900 ish is what i would guess

What is a savage 170 model a with engraved deer jumping and weaver scope worth?

Depends on who did the engraving, if its any good and if anyone will want to buy it. Engraving can lower the value of a weapon if not done well.

Savage model 500 double worth?

i have a savage model510stricker chambered in 308 with a mounted scope what is it worth

Where can you find a scope mount for a savage 340 series E?

You need a Weaver Side Mount #2 (which is the base). Weaver also make 1" side mount rings that mount onto this base. That's what I have on my .222 Savage 340.

What is the value of Savage 99E 243 with Weaver scope made in 1949?

I would think $300 to $400 should buy that gun

Where can you get a scope mount for a Savage model 842?

Numrich Gun Parts Corp

What is the value of a Savage scope 8UWA model 3240A 4 X 32 marked on the top of scope as Springfield 4 X scope?


What is my Winchester model 70-270 with a weaver scope and sling worth?

100-1000 USD

How much is a Weaver Model K-856 scope in good condition worth?


What kind of scope bases are supplied on a savage model 93 17 caliber rifle?

Check w/ Savage Customer Service through their website.

Can you get scope mounts for a Savage Arms foremost model 6400?

I have a savage 6400 30-30 with a side mount scope base. The scope was added for my 13th birthday 20 some years ago but Im sure you can still get it done.

How much is a Weaver Model 333 scope worth?

Hundreds of thousands of Weaver Model 333 telescopic sights from 1930 to 1947. One of these scopes in good condition is worth about 80 to 125 dollars.

What is the value of a WR Weaver model 344 scope?

The Weaver Model 344 scope was a popular scope. I'm not sure of the mfg. date but my guess would be 1934 up to and through WWII years. It was an option on rimfire .22 rifles like the Remington 341 PT, which sported a 2 ocular peep sight as well as the scope. The scope mount was either a Weaver S3 or N3. I have seen the value, depending on condition, listed from about $25 to $125 (NIB). A working scope with clear ocular, good bluing and intact crosshairs goes as high as $75-$80,

What is the value of a savage model 110 30-06 with a 3-9x32 simmons scope?

ABOUT $475.00

Where do I find a scope mount for the cal.222 model 225 made by revelation?

I'd start with Amazon. Your rifle is a Savage model 340, and if you search for Savage 340 scope mount, you will get a lot of hits. The mount and a set of rings is about $53.98. Shoot safe and often.

How can you get a daisy scope on a Crosman M4-177 pellet bb gun?

It all depends on the Daisy Scope rings that you have. The M4 has a removable front and rear sight. This will allow you to add a scope to the Weaver rail mount on the M4 if your scope rings are the weaver size. If not, then you need to purchase weaver scope rings for your scope.

Where can you find a scope mount for a Stevens model 87a?

Scope mounts that mount on the left side of the receiver using the four screw holes are available from Weaver.

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