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I also would like to know the value. I have one as well. I think mine is chrome. The volume is just under 1 pint. Has a medical symbol-snake, staff w/ wings inside a circle with a U on the left side of the medical symbol and an S on the right. It is marked:

at top very small letters










I received this from a lady about 15 years ago. She was about 70 at the time. She said it was her husband's. I wish that I had gotten more info. I am thinking that it was used in a Military Hospital. The styling/quality is very good so maybe it was just used for officers. The age of the lady would indicate WWI. Do you think this is possible? I sure would like to know the value/history. I have looked it up on eBay for about the last 6 months. There has not been (1) listed! To me, this would indicate that it is either very rare or very common. Please let me know if you have any more info.

OK, this makes a third such pitcher, inherited from my dad, who collected everything known to man. Mine too has the medical symbol with the staff and the snakes and "US" on the side. Mine does not however have any patent information or the word "Stanley" on it, instead mine says "UNIVERSAL" on the bottom. The bottom also screws off for access to the insulated liner inside. Like the previous posters of this question, any and ALL information about it would be appreciated.

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Q: What is the value of a Stanley landers frary clark it will not break?
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