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The model 5000 was introduced in 1931. Same gun was produced at least until the 1980's, but designated 5100 in 1941 and model 311 in 1948. It is probably identical to some gun still being manufactured under the Savage name. These guns are nothing flashy, but a well-built, dependable double barrel. Value will depend on it's condition, but since there is no collector value, it will be mostly dependent on useability. It should be examined by an experienced gunsmith, and if he gives his approval, it should be worth $200-$250. Of course if it is broken/rusted/wornout, it's probably only worth $20 as a parts gun.

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Q: What is the value of a Stevens model 5000 shotgun?
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Who made Wards Hercules 12 gauge double barrel shotgun?

Savage/Stevens Model 5000 very much a model 311

Who made the 16 gauge ranger 5000 double barrel shotgun?

Most likely Stevens they did make a model #5100

Where can you find information about a Ranger 5000 side by side 12 gauge shotgun?

Ranger was a trade name sold by Montgomery Wards. The Model 5000 was made by J. Stevens Arms from 1931-1941.

What is the history of a Stevens model 311 series H 410 shotgun?

The Model 311 is essentially the same as the Model 5100 which was identical to the Model 5000 which was really no different than the double barrel shotguns being produced by Crescent Fire Arms before that company was bought by Stevens.

When was a Stevens Model 5000 shotgun built with serial number 24902?

Not sure of the question, but the Model 5000 was a utility double shotgun made in the 1930's. Value is going be as a shooter, so it should be checked over by a competent gunsmith first. Assuming all is well, $200-$300 depending on condition, with smaller gauges bringing more than the 12ga. .410 can bring over $500 in excellent condition.

What is the value of a Shapleigh's King Nitro dbl barrel shotgun with serial number 5000?

"5000" is the Stevens model number, not a serial number. It was marked with the trade name for Shapleigh Hardware in St Louis around 1930. Value as either a decoration or a shooter would be $150-$250. A little more if like-new and a lot less if a basket-case.

How old is a Ranger double barrel 12 gauge Model 5000 or 5008?

The Model 5000 would be a Stevens and the Ranger name was sold by Montgomery Ward. This model was made c. 1923-1932.

How much Current value of model 1897 Winchester pump action shotgun serial number 448801?

Depending on the condition of the firearm, it can be worth up to $5000 to collectors.

What is the value of mossberg 385 ka 20gauge shotgun?

In good condition about $5000 dollars.

What is the value of a 16 gauge Springfield J Stevens Arms Co hammerless double barrel shotgun Model 5100 made in Chicopee Falls Massachusetts?

Is that the serial # or model #? I have one marker 19HF on all separate parts. My thought was that is the model. But my other id # is 5000, so what are the odds we have the sane gun model 1oo units apart?... Value is $150-$250 depending on condition. Less if it is broken or rusted and a little more if like-new. The 5000 and 5100 are not serial numbers. I'll bet my JC Higgins 16 gauge looks just like your guns and it is also numbered 5100. Stevens introduced the Model 5000 (in 1923 or 26, depending on which reference you believe), changed the model number to 5100 in 1931, and then to 311 in 1941. This gun was manufactured until 1989. The Springfield name was discontinued in 1948.

What is the value of a hamerless 16ga dbl shotgun 26inch barrel it stamped riverside arms chicopee falls mass pat4-20-1915 and what kind of gun is it?

It was manufactured by J Stevens between 1920 and 1948. There should also be a model number on the right side - probably 5000, 5100, or 311. Value will be $150 to $250, depending on condition.

What is the value of sw modele?

50-5000 or more depending on the model

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