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What is the value of a Stevens model 820B 12GA shotgun in good condition with no cracks and good bluing made between 1949 and 1954?


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Your Stevens Model 820B in 80% condition would probably fetch $80.00 to $100.00 at the right time. Most of the Stevens 22 calibers and shotguns were considered utility guns and do not hold a great attraction for the serious collector. They are a fine product with a long and proud history. Hang on to your J. Stevens Arms and Tool Co. firearms. They will serve you well and when they need repairs the parts are available widely and at very reasonable cost.


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Go to and do a search, it all depends on the condition of the bluing and wood.

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I bought one in decent condition a few days ago for $100. The stock was in good condition, the receiver needed bluing touchup, and the triggerguard needed buffed and reblued

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slow rust bluing, best done by a pro...Get a copy of 'shotgun news' at a major book store for gunsmiths that do that type of bluing...LC Smith shotguns are collectible...

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The Sears Ranger 12 gauge model 102.25 was made by Stevens Arms Company and designed by Browning. 100% grade would put the value at approx. $200.00 if it was a Stevens. Less to some buyers if they are not attracted to the Sears marketing of the same gun. I personally think you would be safe at $150.00 for a nice used gun that has most of the bluing and the wood is in good condition. These guns are very trustworthy and are very dependable. A real shooters shotgun.

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Regular style...plain wood stock...bluing etc....anywhere from 25 bucks to 175-200 bucks. It's all about condition.

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