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What is the value of a T Barker shotgun?



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Shotguns marked 'T BARKER' were sold by various hardware store and catalog stores in c.1880-1910 (or so). They were generally imported from Belgium and distributed by the H&D Folsom Co. Look for the telltale Belgian proofmark underneath the barrels and on the water table (flat part of the frame where the barrels meet the frame). The proofmark is the letter 'E' over 'LG' in an oval or variant thereof. These shotguns were designed to be utility shotguns and were low priced when they were new. Nothing has changed today, and their value is strictly whatever somebody will pay to have something hanging on the wall. Under no circumstances should a T BARKER shotgun be fired. The barrel construction is almost certainly a twisted-wire construction and the pressure curve of modern shells (even "low-brass") can certainly cause the barrels to come apart. We see them listed at auction constantly with price tags from $200-$300, but they never sell. Realistically, that's about $100 high. There are some nutballs out there like me who collect hardware store guns, though... == ==