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I don't find much about Tobin Arms Co. except that it was in Norwich CT around 1860, and that the G.B. Crandall Company Limited of Woodstock, Ontario, Canada retailed a shotgun of unknown manufacture with the trade name Tobin Simplex. Unless your gun has something special (fancy wood, hand engravings, precious metal overlays), it is going to be just another old trade-name utility shotgun worth $125-$150. The leather case may be worth more.

Good evening;

I have a collection of Tobin shotguns and would be interested in discussing your shotgun with the possibility of purchasing it should it still be available. Would appreciate your reply even if you no longer have the firearm. Regards. Louis

i have a tobin also that is engraved to the max and it is said by a couple of dealers locally it is worth about 3500 for the engraving but the regular price for tobins is said to be 200- 1000. yes it is for sale....Bob

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Q: What is the value of a Tobin Arms shotgun with a hard bound leather case?
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