What is the value of a Union .38 rimfire revolver in good condition?

The 'Union' marking was used by several different manufacturers, although your revolver was probably made by the Hood Firearms Co. These interesting 19th-century hideout pistols are becoming more collectable in high condition, up to $200-$250 if truly excellent. Typical examples in 50% condition can be had for $100-$125. sales@countrygunsmith.net If the revolver is marked "Union .38" on the top of the frame, it was made by the Prescott Pistol Company of Hatfield, Ma. They were only in business from 1873-75 and their revolvers are not frequently seen. They rarely put their name on the revolvers, but are usually identified by their brass frames(usually plated). They may be worth as much as $1250 or as little as $175 depending on condition and model.