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What is the value of a Werke Aktiengesellschaft pistol in very good condition?


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2006-11-25 12:40:43
2006-11-25 12:40:43

'Aktiengesellschaft' simply means a publicly traded corporation. The gun is probably marked 'DEUTSCHE WERKE' and is probably more commonly known as the ORTGIES pistol. There were a few different versions, some rarer than others. Would need to know a lot more information on that particular gun.

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You did not say which model. The Erma-Werke KGP68, which looks like the traditional "Luger" pistol, is about $250-$500, depending on condition. If you have a different model, please repost with that information.

Depends on condition. $100. to $365

Undoubtedly you mean 7.65mm which is the same as the .32ACP. You have the Deutsche Werke Ortgies, and assuming it is a standard pistol in typical condition they are selling between $125 and $200.

The value of an Erma-Werke handgun actually depends on a number of things. Some of these things include the age and condition of the handgun.

What condition is this pistol in? The condition determines the value.

The Blue Book suggests a value of $100 in 60% condition , $145 in 90%, or $275 in 100% new condition.

Please state the model and the condition of the pistol to get an estimate of value.

value depends on overall condition......................

I know of no handgun that has a one inch diameter bore.

The Blue Book suggests a value of $100 in 60% condition , $145 in 90%, or $275 in 100% new condition.

I have one also.. the only other one I have seen for sale was in average condition and priced at $3000

value depends on overall condition of pistol. good condition can average $800 -$1200

Inspired by Erma-Werke and licensed by them. Modern manufacture, value between $140-$200 depending on condition.

What is the current condition of the pistol. That determines the value.

If the WORKING condition is Excellent. What condition is the pistol itself in. Is it also in Excellent condition or average condition

This pistol was made between 1935-41. Please state the condition of the pistol to get and estimate of value.

What is the value of an ERMA Werke kgp 68 9mm ?

value depends on overall condition..................

serial numbers are of no value without the makers name, model of pistol, caliber and overall condition.....................

Impossible to answer without a detailed description of all markings, caliber, finish, etc..

The value will be determined by the condition of the pistol. Anywhere from $0 to $500. In Mint condition especially in the box they can be worth double that.

model 1934 or 1910-34 in 32cal in good condition rare piece to find German navy officer ww2 special issue valued 900.00 ++ plus depends on condition

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