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What is the value of a Western Field model 35?

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What is value of wards western field 16 gauge model 35?

200 dollars

What is the value of Western Field shotgun Model 35 serial number U62463?

75-250 USD

Where can you find information on a Western Field model thirty five?

I don't find a model 35 in the cross-reference list, but Western Field Model 35A is the Mossberg model 30

What is the value of a western field 12 gauge single shot 32 inch barrel matted rib?

Your Western Field shotgun has a value of between 35-90 dollars.

What is the age and value and manufacturer of a Western Field model 32a 22 rifle?

Your Western Field(Montgomery Wards) model 32a was made for Montgomery Wards by the firm Mossberg and sons.The Mossberg model 20/21 are the same rifle as the one you have.These rifles were made by Mossberg from 1933-1938.There current value is between 35-100 dollars,depending on overall condition and a good bore.

How much is a western field 22 rifle worth model?

Not much,between 35-80 dollars today.

What is the value of a westernfield model m72da and when was it born it has whitetail engraved on each side and a lot of gold trim?

Your Western Field model M72da was made for Montgomery Wards(Western Field) by O.F.Mossberg and sons between the years 1972-1976.The Mossberg model 472PRA is the same rifle that you have.These were chambered in either 30-30Win,or 35 Remington,with either a 20in.(carbine) or 24in.barrel(rifle).

How does model 35 12 gauge break down?

Your western field model 35 was made for montgomery wards by mossberg.There model number is the mossberg model 30.If you can locate the breakdown of the mossberg model 30,you are in business.I would write,or e-mail mossberg.

When was a Wards Western Field Model 35 pump shotgun sn49491 made and is it worth anything?

I found a good board regarding Wards Western Field Shotgun and I am sure if you post on there you'll get the info you want. Please go to: Good luck Marcy Store brand shotguns bring less than those with a maker's name on them, even if they are really identical. Pump shotguns in useable condition should bring between $75 and $150. The manufacturer's model of many store brand models can be identified but I can't find a cross reference for the Wards Model 35. The Model 35 Wards Western Field shotgun was built by Stevens and is their model 520A.

Can you mount a scope to a Wards and Western Field Model 35 Shotgun Where can you find the mounting rings?

I dont find any reference to a WesternField Model 35 as a shotgun. The Model 35 rifles were made by Mossberg... If you can send us a digital picture of the gun, we can identify it for you and give you direction on how to mount a scope.

Where can you find information about a 2 3-4 inch 12 gauge Wards Western Field Model 35 pump shotgun?

The model 35 was the Wards branded version of the Stevens model 520. An early 1900s John Browning design built by Stevens and dropped prior to WWII.

What is the age value of a mossberg model 35?

The Model 35 (no letters behind 35) was made 1935-1937. Value will depend on condition and completeness. Can range from $70 for poor condition to $150-$200 for excellent.

What is the value of the Glock model 35?

100-600 usd

What is the value of a Remington 35 model 700?

100-1000 USD

Where can you find the screw that holds the forearm to the barrel of a 12 gauge Western Field Model 35?

Any gunsmith should be able to come up with this part. Look for one in the local yellow pages.

What is the value of the ranger model 35 22 rifle?

50-100 or so

Jp sauer western six shooter 22 cal value?

35-100 USD

What is the age and value of a 35 Rem Marlin Model RC serial M9837?


What is the value on a 35 cal Rem Model 336 lever Action?


What is the value of a Western Auto Revelation model 100 22 long rifle that is 35 years old?

P=$20 F=$45 G=$65 V.G.=$80 EX=$100 It's a mossberg model 320 or 321 Bolt Action

Stevens model 35 22 rifle value?

The Stevens Model 35 rifle was only made between 1980 and 1984 approximately... not a lot of data available. The value would be based on condition and completeness. I have 1 and I wouldn't take $200.00 for it

What is the absolute value of 35?

Absolute value of 35 is 35.

What is the value of a model 35 Hercules munitions tear gas gun?

10-60 usd

What is the value of a Savage Stevens Model 35?

I just paid $75 at a gun show in NY.

What is the value of a Remington model 760 gamemaster .35 Rem?

100-450 USD