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What is the value of a Winchester 30-30 Canadian Centennial 1867-1967?


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The Canadian Centennial Rifle and Carbine were made in 1967. The Standard Catalog of Firearms lists a value of $395 for either, but that is WITH the box. Without the box, it should be valued as a shooter, and the Blue Book of Gun Values suggests $275 for a 100% post-64 rifle but says add 20% for pre-1992, making it $330.

Well, That last answer of $350 may not be accuate. Of the last appraisal that was done on my was under $470. And that is in slightly less than perfect condition. I have also fired my rifle several times. I purchased the gun from my father-in-law a few years ago and the weapon was also purchased in Canada. This is a wonderful firearm. Winchester is still the best in my book. But that is what my rifle was appraised at.

In a recent Tyler, Texas gun show a collector was offering his Canadian for $450.00 in really good condition. He didnt get it, I was offering my 1966 Centennial for the same, and didnt get it. I feel the price for one without box, is probably $400 or less. I paid $250 for my 66 and was tickled to get it.


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In the condition that you have described,your rifle is valued at 895.00 dollars on today,s market.

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I dont know the value, but I got 2 of them with back to back serial numbers

If unfired,the rifle is valued at 895 dollars in the condition that you describe.

If your Winchester model 1894 NRA Centennial rifle is unfired(new in the box condition) then the value will be 695.00 dollars.

1 800.00$ Canadian dollars if a MP edition (serial number starts with MP and not RCMP) and has never been shot...

If your rifle is unfired(new in the box) along with the original box and tags it will be worth 650 dollars in todays market.

Unfired, in the box, about $900. If it has been shot, it is now a shooter, not a collector's gun, and would be worth less, depending on condition.

The Winchester Model 94AE Washington Centennial, #132 of 1000 is valued at between $1,000 and $1,500. It was part of a long line of a commemorative collection.

Canadian dimes dated 1920-1967 contain 80% silver and have a current melt value of about $1.20.

If your winchester centennial rifle is unfired(new in the box) with the box and tags,its value is 675 dollars.

If it's been in circulation it's only worth face value to maybe 10 cents. Huge numbers of these coins were minted for the Centennial celebration.

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Please post a new question with the country of origin. The Canadian centennial was 1867-1967 The U.S. Bicentennial was 1776-1976

It's worth about $2.50 for the silver it contains.


Blue book gives $425 in 100% condition, 21,000 made. Value may rise a little with Winchester's closure.

The value lies in the fact that any Winchester commemoratives must be unfired and new in the box.with that said it is valued at 795.00 dollars

Your Winchester Cenntennial 1966 Carbine is valued at 695.00 dollars in the condition you describe.

If both rifle and carbine are in unfired(new in the box condition) with the hang tags and original boxes?The value will be 1,375 dollars for the set.

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