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In the condition that you have described,your rifle is valued at 895.00 dollars on today,s market.


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Your Winchester Cenntennial 1966 Carbine is valued at 695.00 dollars in the condition you describe.

Providing it has everything that originally came with it and has never had the action cycled you are in the 800-1200 range.

If we are talking about a Winchester model 1866 centennial?Them your rifle is valued at 695 dollars if it was never fired(new in the box),and you have the box and tags included.

Hello jim name is Steve I work for winchester . 20+ years . 1967 winchester Canadian centennial 30-30 value is accordingly new in box with paper work never fired $550 , out of box fired in mint condition $450-$475 , good condition 75% $350-$375 , poor condition $225-275 . those are 2013 BBG official prices . great gun shoots a dime at 100 yards best action ever made model 94 ! Hope that helps Steve w. Winchester arms co.

NIB New in the Box condition,un-fired and with sleeve that rifle was shipped in from factory is $2000.00 to $2250.00. Most however range from $1500.00 to $1800.00 un-fired.

If your centennial model 66 has never been fired(new in the box condition) and includes the box and hang tags then the value is 675 dollars.If it has been used to hunt with and shot then the value is 200-350 dollars.

If it has never been fired, never had the action cycled, is still in the origianl box with all paperwork, in the 700-900 range.

$150.00 to $685.00 Winchester made about 185,000 copies of this rifle and the same of a carbine, difference being length in barrel. The $685.00 value is only a rifle in mint condition still in box, never fired and all paperwork. No box and or paperwork or being fired you lose half the value. This is the cheapest Winchester built.

Your Canadian centennial rifle or carbine in unfired condition will bring 650 dollars.If the rifle has been fired,then you are looking at between 200-350 dollars.

I paid $250.00 for my 1966 Winchester Centennial at a Texas Gun Show without the box and I had been fired. It is in great condition. I have seen others asking $450.00 plus for the same. I would take $425.00 for mine. If you consider fair market value to be what Im willing to take and your willing to give then $400-425 should be close. John Overturf

If the rifle in question was never fired(new in the box) then the value will be 695 dollars.If it was fired then the value will be 300 dollars.

I don't know. But I also have a pair of Winchester Canadian Centennial 67' 30-30 Carbine, Octagon shape barrel - 1 is a Model # 6701 28" Barrel S/N 71868 and the other is Model # 6702 20" Barrel S/N 71869. There new, in boxs and never been fired and in mint cond. I took them to several gun shops and was offered no more then $400 each. They must be worth more because because the serial numbers are 5 digits and right after each other.

There were 2 different rifles made during 1967.The first 100 year commemorative was the Canadian 67 centennial rifle or carbine which if non fired,and with the box will bring 650 dollars.The other is the 1967 alaska purchase model which if unfired and with the box will bring 1,250 dollars.

No. .270 Winchester and .270 Winchester Short Magnum are not interchangeable cartridges.

The value of a Winchester 9410 that has never been fired varies depending on the specific model and year it was produced. Early and commemorative models are worth between $1,000 and $3,000.

In this economy, it's not worth a whole lot more then you paid for it. The run was pretty big and there's a lot of them around, I've seen them priced up to $1500, buy I haven't seen one sell for over $750. Hang on to it for a couple more years and you'll make money on it ...sorry

The Canadian Centennial Rifle and Carbine were made in 1967. The Standard Catalog of Firearms lists a value of $395 for either, but that is WITH the box. Without the box, it should be valued as a shooter, and the Blue Book of Gun Values suggests $275 for a 100% post-64 rifle but says add 20% for pre-1992, making it $330. Well, That last answer of $350 may not be accuate. Of the last appraisal that was done on my was under $470. And that is in slightly less than perfect condition. I have also fired my rifle several times. I purchased the gun from my father-in-law a few years ago and the weapon was also purchased in Canada. This is a wonderful firearm. Winchester is still the best in my book. But that is what my rifle was appraised at. In a recent Tyler, Texas gun show a collector was offering his Canadian for $450.00 in really good condition. He didnt get it, I was offering my 1966 Centennial for the same, and didnt get it. I feel the price for one without box, is probably $400 or less. I paid $250 for my 66 and was tickled to get it.

Your post-64 model 1894 Winchester will go for 350-400 in new never fired condition.

The exact value of a Winchester 1300 would be highly dependent upon a couple of different factors. Some of these factors include the age and condition of the Winchester.

Who made it? What centennial does it celebrate? Is it a rifle, handgun or shotgun? Have to know these things to provide a value.

I have a Winchester Cheyene in both 44-40 and 22 cal. Both are NIB. I also have the Winchester Sioux commerative. Can you tell me the approximate value of each.

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