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According to, the year of manufacture for serial number 1540858 is 1949. Of course, value is determined by a number of factors in addition to age. To get a reliable estimate of the value of your gun, see a professional appraiser. If you just want a basic estimate, buy yourself the current Blue Book of Gun Values. This is considered the most accurate source book for gun values. You will need to determine the condition. Look up the NRA Condition Grading Definitions For Antique Firearms. You can find these in a number of places. Try searching for "NRA Condition Grading Definitions For Antique Firearms" using the Google search form to the right. Be realistic in your appraisal. Ultimately, though, value is subjective. Value is based on the worth to an individual collector. What's more, the sentimental value of the gun to you could be much higher than what a collector will pay for it.

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Q: What is the value of a Winchester 94-30 WCF circular barrel 21 inches long serial number 1540858?
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The collector value can only be assessed by a visual inspection & evaluation. Old Winchesters are very much like old classic automobiles... the graded condition and factory originality are the key factors in determining what they are truly worth. Bert H.

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