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Believe you mean a nickel plated 9410, I've never seen a stainless version. Recently saw one on Gun-Broker for sell for $1999.00. depending on condition your looking at a $800 to $1200 gun

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โˆ™ 2009-03-31 14:37:01
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Q: What is the value of a Winchester 9410 stainless steel gun?
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What is the value of a Winchester 9410 that has never been fired.?

The value of a Winchester 9410 that has never been fired varies depending on the specific model and year it was produced. Early and commemorative models are worth between $1,000 and $3,000.

What is the value of 9410 Winchester lever action shotgun?

100-500 USD or so

Winchester model 9410 lever action value?

I'll guess $1050.00 nib

What model 410 shotguns has Winchester made?

the Winchester 9410

What is the value of a Winchester 9410?

Depending on condition, accessories, box, papers, etc., value can range from 100-600 USD. Yes, condition is a factor, but the bottom line for a 9410 is about $500 and goes as high as $1,600 depending on which model 9410 you have. You can log into the Winchester wesite and look in the historic models section to verify which one you have. Whoever logged in the $100-$600 range doesn't know squat about the 9410.

What is the value of a Winchester 9410 nickel-plated shotgun?

These are ranging in price from 250-600 dollars depending on overall condition and a good bore.

What is a Winchester model 9410 lever action worth?

Between 250-410 dollars,depending on overall condition and a good bore.

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Will a Winchester 94 factory stock set fit a Winchester 9410 w top safety?

The shoulder stock will, but the fore stock may not. The magazine tube and barrel are pretty big on the .410. You could make it fit but it will take a lot of careful sanding. You'll need patience.

What distibutor offered the Winchester 9410 with nickel finish?

It was a limited run, nickel finish with gray laminate stocks. I believe Davidson's was selling them but I dont know if it was strictly limited to them. Additional information 11/15/06 I have a 9410 in Nickel. I asked Winchester for information and they sent me some information that looks like 425 of these were distributed to RSR?? A worker at the Kansas City Cabela's store told me they (all Cabela's stores) had a few. I'm not seeing them for sale anymore?

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What is the value of a Winchester 9410 new in a box Packer model?

Look on Gunsamerica or Gunbroker for what they are currently going for. Ignore the auctions which have no bidding activity as they are obviously overpriced. If it is a firm price, expect this to be the price that either a) somebody who has been searching far and wide for that exact gun would pay or b) how much a dealer has marked it up for the hassle of shipping, paperwork, etc. IOW, top dollar.

Can you fire slugs in a Model 9410?

Depending on what it is choked, yes. Have a gunsmith examine it.

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I want to know the correct prosedure for cleaning and painting carbon steel fabricated parts ? what type of cleaning other than solvent cleaning ? and what type of comerical paint is best to use? Carl Yaegel Bulk Ag Innovations 217-422-9410 cyaegel@

Can a scope be mounted on a Winchester 9410?

Sure it can. The 9410, at least the "Traditional" model I'm familiar with, has the same drilled and tapped receiver as other model '94 AEs. Leupold and Burris make bases that fit, and all you need do is select a scope and ring combination that allows the hammer to clear the rear objective of the scope. You'll also want to install the little hammer extension (use a bit of Loctite) to make it easier to manipulate the hammer while the scope is in place.

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Where can you get a parts list or schematic for a 16 gauge Model 94?

You need to find more information about the firearm. Winchester made 25 different models of the "94" and they were not shotguns. Models like the 9410 were. Contact for some answers. * Ignore the first answer. A 16 gauge Model 94 is a Stevens/Savage shotgun.

Did Winchester make a lever action shotgun in the 410 gauge?

Yes, the Winchester 9410. As the name implies it is a .410 version of the Winchester 94 lever action carbine.Marlin also made the Marlin 410.Both firearms are not in production now but one could find one used without much difficulty.The 9410, introduced in 2001 is a model 94 in .410 shotgunIf you're thinking of a large bore shotgun it would have to be the Winchester 1887. It was available in 10 & 12 gauge. It was manufactured until 1901. Recently, due to the popularity of Cowboy Action Shooting two reproduction on the market. The Chinese Norinco & the Italian The Italian repro is the superior, but more expensive, of the two, so some CAS Shooters have taken to having their Norincos reworked byCoyote Cap Gunworks. Even after the cost of the gunsmith work the Norinco still costs less. You may remember the Winchester 1887 from such films as Terminator 2, The Mummy and video games like Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.