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Anywhere from $300-$2500. Depends on any special order features, originality, and condition.


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cuanto vale el fusil 32 w.c.f. modelo53 winchester nickel steel? will get you within 5 years or so Need to know the model #. If it's an 1894 Cody 1910, Madis 1909.

Lever action, blued steel, wood stock, most likely chambered in 30/30

ho much is a model 55 nickel steel barrel Winchester 32 special worth today?

Introduced around 1940, Winchester Proof Steel is the alloy used by Winchester to manufacture it's firearms. It replaced nickel steel, used in the early production Winchester 94's to withstand the power of the first 'main stream' smokeless powder rifle cartridge - the .30 WCF, now known as the .30-30. Note, however, that the 94 Winchester was intoduced in .30 WCF a year after the production of blackpowder 94s. Winchester Proof is stronger than nickel steel, and holds blueing better. The nickel in nickel steel made blueing flake off of recievers and barrels of Winchester rifles over long periods of time. Winchester introduced Proof Steel in 1931, and began using it for the Model 94 in April of 1932. "Proof Steel" is a chrome-moly alloy.

Please include the serial number(to date your shotgun) and the overall condition to get a accurate value to your Winchester model 1912 pump action shotgun.

The Model 94 Nickel steel 25-35 is a VERY RARE GUN. when the 25-25 was introduced it was primarily used in safari grade rifles ie,double barrel rifles,so if you have acquired a lever action one (i am assuming being a winchester) than i would take it to somebody who is very familiar with older model guns because the gun is not in production any more--and neither is the round-

It has a nickel steel barrel and is a 12 gauge with a mod choke. It has a nickel steel barrel and is a 12 gauge with a mod choke. It has a nickel steel barrel and is a 12 gauge with a mod choke.

From your question I would believe that you have a Winchester model 1887 lever action shotgun.These shotguns were available in 10 gauge,or 12 gauge,with a 4 shot magazine tube,and a 30in or 32in barrel with a full choke fluid steel barrels.There were 64,855 made between the years 1887-1901.

The nickel steel 15 gauge Winchester model 12 serial number 580158, is valued at $400 in good condition.Ê In fair condition, it is valued at $350.Ê

50-500 USD or so depending on condition

Winchester made several hundred thousand nickel steel barreled Model 1912/12s from August of 1912 through 1932. Bert H.

The value of a Winchester model 1912 pump action 12 gauge shotgun is dependent upon a number of factors. Since it's in excellent condition, the value would be highly dependent on the person interested in purchasing it.

According to the serial number, It was made in 1968, but I thought the "Nickel Steel" versions were older then that, (pre 1964) Are you sure about the serial number? This is a model 94 right?

Steel is much more durable than nickel. Nickel is much softer than steel is and steel is the strongest metal.

The price of the Winchester shotgun model 1912 in a 12 gauge full choke nickel steel with an average condition is about 600 dollars to about 1200 dollars. This price varies with the current market and the condition of the stock and finish.

Usually from metals such as steel and nickel. Like pure steel, nickel wrapped steel, pure steel etc

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