Best Answer , show that the Golden Spike Centenial was manufactured in 1969, shows the value to be $645.00. That is new in box with all the paperwork.

Commemorative ValueIn order to realize their true value, commemorative guns MUST be absolutely pristine-new in the box with all associated accessories and paperwork. For example, the Golden Spike if new-in-the-box with all has recorded recent sales at $650-$700. The same rifle, no box or paperwork, in 98% (excellent) condition, only reached $450.
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Q: What is the value of a Winchester Model 94 30-30 Golden Spike commemorative GS21028 in excellent condition with all original parts?
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What is the value of a 30-30 Winchester Alamo Commemorative gold plated still in box?

Approximatley $250.00 - $300.00in excellent condition. Sold mine to a gun dealer for 225.00 not in original box but in good condition.

What are 2 Winchester Model 94 Cowboy Commemorative round barrel rifles with consecutive serial numbers worth in the original box with original papers never fired and excellent condition?

400-1000 USD or so

How much is a Winchester 1917 rifle worth serial number284399?

If it is all original and in excellent condition $750-850. In very good condition $550-600.

What is the value of an Oliver Winchester 1894 commemorative?

your oliver Winchester comm. is going for 750 dollars if new and unfired in its original box.

What is the value of a 1958 Winchester Model 94 that is in like new condition and only fired 7 times?

standard carbine excellent condition $1,000 good condition $700 more if you have original box

What is the and age of the Winchester Model 67 single shot bolt action?

It depends on condition; a parts gun sells for $25 and an excellent condition rifle with 95% original finish will bring $150.

What would a Winchester model 1897 shotgun in excellent condition be worth?

In the condition that you describe(70%-80%) of its original finish remaining.I would access a value of between 400-500 dollars.

How much is an Winchester Annie oakley commemorative 22 rifle worth?

The Winchester Annie Oakley Commemorative .22 lever action rifle varies in price according to condition, of course, and whether the original box (and accompanying papers) are included. We found one in excellent condition in a sporting goods store (Scheels, Bismarck, ND) 2 years ago for about $800. Rifles in similar condition were available online through various gun auction sites for $1050-1200. Now, these guns are going for about the same price. A current auction has one available at a buy-now price of $1500, however it has been listed multiple times and hasn't fetched that price. Best guesstimate, if the gun is in excellent condition with original box, I'd say $1100. If you can get one for less than $900, it would be a good investment piece.

What is the value of Winchester Model 94 serial 2462589 with a 24 inch round barrel in excellent condition with 90 percent original blue?


What is value of Winchester model 97 serial number 1008702 in excellent condition?

your Winchester model 1897 which was made in 1956,is selling for between 300-450 dollars depending on the amount of original finish remaining on the wood and metal.

What can you expect to pay for a 1873 winchester rifle in good condition?

You will have to pay 3,000 dollars or more for a original Winchester model 1873 lever action Winchester rifle in the condition you described.

What is the value of pre 1964 Winchester model 70 300 mag?

This all depends on the amount and condition of your rifles original finish.It should bring in the range of 800-1,300 dollars and up if the rifle is in excellent condition.

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