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Winchester made the model 1873 rifle and the model 1876 rifle,but did not make a model 1875 rifle.

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Q: What is the value of a Winchester model 1875 rifle?
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What is the value of a 1875 Winchester lever action 30-30?

I am some what confused by your question.The 30-30 Win.cartridge was invented and available to the general public with the model 1894 Winchester rifle,in the year 1894.Winchester did not have a model 1875,and the rifle available in the year 1875 was the then new model 1873 lever action rifle,which was chambered in 44-40Win.I would need a much more detailed description of your rifle,its current overall condition,the correct model number and bore condition to give a correct value to your rifle in question.

What year was an 1873 model rifle serial number 10698 manufactured?

Your Winchester model 1873 was produced in 1875.

What is a ballpark estimate for a 1875 Winchester lever action 30-30?

Winchester did not make a model 1875 rifle.The 30-30 cartridge was introduced with the model 1894 rifle in the year 1894.A value cannot be determined unless you provide a more detailed description of your rifles overall condition,and please include the serial number to date your rifles year of manufacture.

What is a Winchester model 1875 pump shot gun worth?

No such shotgun model number/

How much is a 1875 22 rifle by Winchester is worth?

10-1000+USD depending on specifics.

What is value of 1875 Winchester carbine?

Well the MSRP Price of a Winchester Saddle Ring Carbine Is $1639.99 if that is any help

What is the manfacture date of the springfield trapdoor rifle serial number J60194 or 60194?

With the serial number that you provided,your Springfield model 1873 trapdoor model rifle was produced in the year 1875.

What is the current value of an 1875 Dutch Beaumont rifle?

10-1000 USD depending on specifics

What is approximate value of Remington 45-70 bolt action rifle dated 1875?

You may have a Remington-Keene Magazine rifle. There are model variations and different conditions which make a valuation difficult but the range is $150 for poor up to $4500 for a Navy model in VG condition. Have a Remington collector appraise it.

When was Massachusetts Rifle Association created?

Massachusetts Rifle Association was created in 1875.

When was the Winchester 410 single shot made?


What is the value of 1875 BRITISH half crown coin?

what is the value of an 1875 sovereing

What is value of 1875 us army colt?

there are different model colts. what is your model, caliber and overall condition. serial number would help...............

Who made the scout 410 single shot?

winchester 1n 1875

What is sheet rocfor 1875 116 worth?

A Sheets Rockford 1875 116 tea kettle is worth between $50 and $250 depending on the model. The actual value varies based on its overall condition and the buyer.

What kind of guns were used in crossfire trail?

Firearms used in Crossfire Trail- Pistols: S&W Schofield in .45 Schofield Colt 1872 open top in .44 Colt several Colt SAA model 1873 revolvers Remington Model 1875 Single action revolver Rifles: Evans Rifle Winchester model 1876 "Centennial" lever action rifle scoped Remington-Keene Repeating bolt action rifle scoped Sharps model 1874 heavy barrel buffalo rifle several win model 1873 carbines Winchester 1866 'Yellow Boy' Tom Selleck carried an 1876 Smith and Wesson Schofield Revolver in .45 Schofield, and an 1871-72 Ivory handled Colt Open Top .44 revolver in .44 Colt ( a healed bullet cartrdge) manufactured from a Colt blackpowder reproduction . These were hand-built or modified by Ken Howell of R&D gunshop. His rifles were a Scoped Heavy Barrel Sharps Buffalo rifle most likely a model 1874 taken from the ships captain. The movie Sharps rifle was chambered in in 45-70. He later acquired an 1876 Centenial "full wood" 45-60 Winchester from the town store. This heavy repeating rifle was able to shoot through the saloon walls in the final gunfight scene. The Winchester M1876 .45-60 rifle was modified by Ken Howell of R&D Gunshop, Based on an original carbine receiver made in 1879, this longarm was rebuilt for movie use. Wilfred Brimley used a rare 28 round Adams Carbine, the Sharps Buffalo rifle, and a "borrowed" Winchester model 1873 carbine and the others used colts single action army revolvers and model 1873 Winchester carbines and 1866 Yellowboys. The hired killer Beau Dorn carried a Colt 1873 SAA and a Remington 1875 revolver, and used a long scoped Remington Keane Bolt action rifle in a .40-60. According to the May 2002 issue of American Rifleman the Remington-Keene used by Brad Johnson was overhauled by Ken Howell of R&D Gun Shop.

What does the N932 standard 1875 mean on a marlin pistol?

It is a marking of the Model. Should be No 32 Standard 1875- No is for number. It is a 32 rimfire, model of 1875. There were about 8000 of them made- values range from $75 for a Poor specimen to about $450 for a Very Good.

What is the manfacture date of the springfield rifle serial number J60194 or 60194?

It was made in the year 1875.

What is the value of a 1875 one dime coin?


What is the value of 45caliber colt revolver marked sept1871 july2 1872 jan19 1875?

fist you do not say what model colt. next your don't indicate the overall condition. and last you do not list the serial number. this is all relative to value..................

What is the value of a 1875 Indian head cent?

The value of an 1875 Indian head cent will depend on its condition. If it is in good condition it has a value of 13.00. An uncirculated coin has a value of 169.00. A coin rated as fine is valued at 50.00, an extra fine coin is worth 100.00.

What is the value of a 1875 silver 50 pesos Mexican coin?

I have a 1875 Mexican paso 10D 20G Libartad. What's it worth?

What is the value of a 5 apaxmai coin dated 1875?


What is the age of a springfield savage 22 caliber model 1875?


What is the value of Remington 45cal model S AA Cal 45 LC?

Need to identify this first... SAA ??? Remington 1875 maybe or 1890, condition, condition, and condition???

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