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This is complicated. depending on the number the barrel makes the diff.the primary diff is the dust cover. first model has no dust cover and serial number between 1 and 3000.seconed model has dust cover and guide railserial number between 3000 to 30000the third model has checkering and sold at auction for 24000.the ave in poor condition os 1000 fair2500 very good8500 and excelent 12000.they are rare and often seel for more than this. i would contact Winchester arms Winchester armscollectors associationp.o box 6754great falls,mt 59406

i hope this helped this is a rear and expensive fire arm. insure it and put it in a safe!

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Q: What is the value of a Winchester model 1876 40-60 cal built in 1881?
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What is the value of a Winchester model 1875 rifle?

Winchester made the model 1873 rifle and the model 1876 rifle,but did not make a model 1875 rifle.

What is the value of a Winchester model 1876 45-60 serial 38440?

According to an ad in Gun Digest a Winchester model 1876 Carbine 45-75 in 80% condition is $9,850.

What is the value of a model 1876 Winchester rifle cal 4560 serial 52230?

The value of a model 1876 Winchester rifle caliber 4560 would be dependent upon a number of factors. The most important of these factors would be the condition of the rifle.

What is the value of a Winchester model 1876 45 60 serial number 60346?

Requires professional appraisal

What is the value of a Winchester model 1876 40-60 Serial 39138?

You have a third model Winchester model of 1876.This rifle will range in price from 1,500 dollars for a rifle with 10%of its original finish to as high as 7,500 dollars for a rifle exhibiting 60% of its original finish.

What was the year and model of the Winchester rifle Tom Selleck used in Crossfire Trail?

It was a Winchester model 1876.

Where is model number on Winchester 45-60?

The only Winchester chambered in 45-60 was the Winchester model 1876 rifle.

How old is a Winchester repeating rifile model 1876?

The Winchester model 1876 was made from 1876 to 1898, if you email me the serial number, found on the bottom of the receiver between the lever lock and the butt stock screw, I can tell you what year your gun was manufactured. If your able to send pics I can give a ball park value as well. Regards, Marty

What is the value of the Winchester 1876 first model?

You need professional help. 1876 values can range froma few hundred to 20000+ I would suggest you contact

What is the value of a model 1876 40-60 express in good condition serial 39125?

your Winchester model 1876 third model is going for 1600-2250 in average condition,unless it is the musket design then it would go for 3,000-4,000 dollars in average condition.

Are Winchester model 1876 really rare?

Rare in really great shape.

What is the value of a winchester model 1876 40-60 cal sn 603xx poor cond?

With the serial number that you have provided,your Winchester model 1876 rifle was one of the last rifles made in the year 1886.There were 1682 made that year.Even in poor condition,your rifle has a minimum value of between 1,000-1,600 dollars.i would seriously consider having a expert look at your rifle and have it appraised.A member of the Winchester collectors assoc.would be a good place to start.

What is the value of a Winchester model 1876 45-60 serial 31336?

while you do not include the condition of your rifle,A Winchester third model 1876 which was made in the year 1882 will bring between 1,500 dollars for a rifle showing 10% of its original finish remaining,up to 9,000 dollars for a nice example showing 70% of its original finish remaining.

What is the value of an 1894 Winchester octagon barrel 50 caliber Serial number 12 145 in excellent condition?

Winchester never chambered there model 1894 lever action rifle in 50 caliber.There were only 2 Winchester model rifles chambered in 50 caliber,these were the model 1876 rifle in 50-95Win.caliber and the model 1886 rifle in 50-110 Express caliber.If after further review you see that you have either of these rifles,then the model 1876 rifle with the serial number provided was made in 1880.If yours is a model 1886 rifle it was made in 1887.

What rifle was issued to the mounties after the 1876 Winchester became obsolete?

Marlin Model Golden 39A

What is the value and date of manufacturer for Winchester model 1876 40-60 cal third model serial?

A Winchester model 1876 third model which was made from 1883 until the end of production will bring a minimum of 1,500 dollars for a rifle showing 10% of its original finish remaining,up to 9,000 dollars for a rifle showing 70% of its original finish remaining.I always recommend that you have a member of the Winchester Collectors assoc evaluate a rifle of this age for a more accurate value.It could be considerable.

Was there ever a Winchester 45-60 rifle in the 1800s?

Yes.The Winchester model 1876 rifle was the only rifle made by Winchester that was chambered for the 45-60WCF(winchester center fire).

What is the value of Winchester 30-30 Canadian centennial 1876 1976 rille?

100-500 USD

In what year was a Winchester Model 1876 serial number 52291 manufactured? of about 12, 255 guns of that model made in that year. Regards, Marty

When was the caliber 45-75 used by Winchester in a lever rifle?

The 45-75 W.C.F. was designed for, and used almost exclusively in the Winchester Model 1876 lever-action rifle. When Winchester introduced the Model 1886 lever-action 10-years later in the more powerful (and popular) 45-70 cartridge, the Model 1876 quickly faded into obscurity, though Winchester did continue to make 45-75 cartridges up to the year 1935. Bert H.

What is the value of a 1876 model 1874 gras sword bayonet?

it is worth £20

What is a model 1876 Winchester with a 30'' barrel worth?

The collector value of your Model 1876 can only be assessed by a visual inspection & evaluation. Old Winchesters are very much like old classic automobiles... the graded condition and factory originality are the key factors in determining what they are truly worth. Also of importance is the specific cartridge it is chambered for.

What was Teddy Roosevelt's first gun?

Teddy Roosevelt's first gun was a Winchester, model 1876. He ordered it when he was 22 years old. No other gun was shot as much or was as reliable as the Winchester.

What is the history of Winchester rifle with patent date of March 1866?

There were three different Winchester lever-action Models with the 1866 patent... the Model 1866, the Model 1873, and the Model 1876. The 1866 patent date refers to King's patent for the side loading gate mechanism.

What is the value of a Winchester model 1876 45-60 serial 19255?

There are many determining factors to consider when assigning a value to a rifle of this age and high collector desirability.I would like to start with the fact that you have a Winchester model 1876 second model,lever action rifle that was made in the year 1881.This is determined by your serial number provided.What I do not know by your question is what barrel length you have?Does it have a .22 inch round barrel(Carbine model 1876.)or do you have a different barrel length,26inch,or 28inch barrel in either round or octagon configuration? This will affect the value of your Winchester.I will also need to know the amount of overall finish remaining on your Winchester model 1876?This greatly affects the value of your rifle/carbine.I would also need to know if our rifle has any special order features that were available during this time span,such as a half magazine,checkered forearm and stock,color cased hardened frame,and either round,octagon,or half round and half octagon barrel.If you are willing to provide this info you can post it to my message page here or post it at as you have already done.