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The Winchester model 425 was made for Winchester by "Meyer & Grammelspacher" of Germany. The value is determined by the condition of the rifle. without any information about the condition of the pellet rifle, no estimate of value can be determined.


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The Winchester 425 was made around 1974. It fires a .22 cal pellet at 500 FPS. Please state the current condition of the rifle to get an estimate of value. Is it in poor, fair, good, very good or excellent condition?

The price of your winchester,new in the box is 425-450 dollars.

Mfg 1974, 22 cal. fires at 543 FPS. Double pull trigger. 38 inches long, 5 lbs.

Your Winchester model 1894 which was made in 1970 and is unfired(100%)new condition is valued at 425 dollars.

If your Winchester model 1894 rifle is new in the box (unfired) then the value is between 425-450 dollars.If the firearm in question has been fired,then the value is based on the original finish of the firearm remaining and a good bore.This will range from 250-400 dollars.

In excellent condition it would be worth between $90 - $105

Blue book gives $425 in 100% condition, 21,000 made. Value may rise a little with Winchester's closure.

Your winchester model 12 pump shotgun was made by winchester in 1955.these shotguns are currently valued at between 250-425 dollars for a standard model with no cutts compensator and a good bore,in 12ga.If you have a 16ga then add 50 dollars to the above listed price.If you have a 20ga then add 200 dollars to the above listed price.These values assume you have between 60%-90% original finish on your shotgun.

Your rifle was built in 1953. Excellent condition as far as NRA standards go means you could realistically get $400-425 for it.

The pre-64 winchester model 70 featherweight rifles are currently valued at between 425 dollars for a rifle with 60% original finish remaining up to 1,000 dollars for a fine example with 90%original finish remaining.You could also add 20% to the above stated values if your rifle has a aluminum butt plate.

The price for your winchester model 1894,new in the box is 425-450 dollars.

$425 depending on exact model, caliber and condition. Serial number has no bearing on any of that.

$425 depending on exact model, caliber and condition. Serial number has no bearing on any of that.

Currently the Winchester line of air rifles is sold through Daisy air gun company. I suggest you start with them. See if they have a schematic that you can download. Or another idea is to contact an airgun repair shop (There are several independent repair shops that make a living repairing older air guns.) You can search the web for "airgun repair" or see the links below.

At the time of manufacture,your Rifle was priced between 425-500 dollars.

if it's made by Colt it's 425 FPS

There was a Lone Star Rifle and a Carbine which have similar values. In NIB (New In Box) condition with all paper, the value is $425 and 450. The first time the gun is shot, the value goes to the value of a common model 94, around $300. There were 38,385 carbines built costing $140 new.

Value depends on condition, box, accessories, papers, etc.. Range from 200-425 USD.

Depends on the condition. Price range 175-425

I paid $425 for a working model 19 pinned and recessed with 90% of the blue, and pachmayer grip.

Your smith and Wesson model 686 is valued at 250-425 dollars depending on condition.

$$1200 / 15oo usd depends on condition and how quick you want to move the gun

It is not possible to give you an estimate of value with more information about the current condition of the rifle. Is it still working? Is it in Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good or Excellent condition. The current condition of the rifle determines it value.

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