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50-500 USD depending on specifics.

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Q: What is the value of a Winchester model 94 Abraham Lincoln commemorative rifle?
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What year was the Winchester Alaskan Purchase Centennial Commemorative issued?

Your Winchester model 1894 commemorative was issued in 1967.

When was Winchester model 94 Cowboy commemorative serial number 27989 manufactured?

Winchester made the cowboy commemorative rifles in the year 1970.

How can you find the age of Winchester model 94 Wells Fargo co?

The winchester model 1894 wells fargo commemorative was issued in 1977.

Winchester model 94 lone star commemorative?

Yes. 1970. 55K made.

What if the value of a Winchester model 94 buffalo bill commemorative rifle?

500 USD

What is the value of the Winchester model 94 30-30 commemorative?

10-540 usd

What is the value of a US border patrol commemorative Winchester model 94 sn msbp438?


Where can you purchase a Winchester model 94 Cherokee Trail of Tears commemorative rifle?

I have one for sale

When was a Winchester model 94 serial WC 18964 made?

You have a Winchester Commemorative rifle,which is the buffalo bill model.This was made in the year 1968.

What is the value of a 30-30 Teddy Roosevelt Commemorative Winchester Model 94?

See the related question >>>>

What is the value of a Winchester Model 94 Theodore Roosevelt Commemorative rifle serial fftr19283?

dont know

How much is your john Wayne commemorative gold Winchester model 94 worth?

I'll give you a tenner for it.

What is the value of a nickel plated Winchester cowboy commemorative model 94?

10-500 USD or so

What is the value of a 30 30 Teddy Roosevelt Commemorative Winchester Model 94?

500 USD or so

What is the price of a Winchester model 94 cowboy commemorative rifle?

Unfired, as new, in box, $500-$550.

Can Abraham Lincoln be a role model for us?


Was Abraham Lincoln a good role model?

yes he was

Who were Abraham Lincoln's role models?

Lincoln's role model was George Washington.

What is the serial number range for Winchester model 94 Cowboy Commemorative?

the serial number range of the cowboy commemorative rifle is CB-1 thru CB-27549.

Is there a Winchester Teddy Roosevelt Commemorative 30-06 Rifle?

Winchester says they never made a Teddy Roosevelt Commemorative 30-06, but they do have a Teddy Roosevelt Commemorative Model 94 chambered in 30-30. They also have Limited Edition Model 1895s (Teddy Roosevelt's favorite rifle) in the 30-06 caliber that have Roosevelt's picture on the box, but they're not technically Teddy Roosevelt Commemorative models. Hope that helps.

How do you find Winchester antlered game lever action 30-30 value and manufacutured date?

1978. Winchester Commemorative Collectors. Google, Winchester Model 94 Commemoratives. It will give you you the whole list.

What is the value of a Winchester Model 94AE Washington Centennial 132 of 1000?

The Winchester Model 94AE Washington Centennial, #132 of 1000 is valued at between $1,000 and $1,500. It was part of a long line of a commemorative collection.

Value of Winchester Comanche commemorative 30-30?

Seldom more than the regular model, unless very low numbers

What is the value of a Winchester commemorative rifle Michigan law enforcement maufactured about 1980?

Winchester did not make a commemorative "Michigan law enforcement" Model 94. What you have is a special edition gun that was made by Winchester, but embellished by someon else. This was a very common practice with the Model 94. Cheverolet and Dodge, and Coca Cola did the same thing in the early 1980s. Special edition Winchester Model 94s essentially have the same value as a "plain Jane" Modle 94 of the same manufacture era.

How old is a Winchester serial number wc 86398?

The WC prefix to your serial number indicates that you have a Winchester model 1894 Buffalo Bill commemorative rifle which was made in the year 1968.