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Hello, If in fact your trench knife is authentic and in pretty good condition it could be worth around 200 to 275. Bill Bill....this answer is a little late......but....are you kidding?? You know that a collectible is only worth what someone will pay.......and as far as that goes...people love these knives. Out of the 200,000 or so that were made originally...most were melted down...or just abused. Most will pay in excess of $600 for one without a long as its good condition. Ive seen them fly off the shelves for over $750 as long as they're real... not some cheap repo...or even the au lion from France....which is not even near the quality of the L.F.C. I personally know a few vets that paid over a grand for this iconic short-range weapon.....and they all said...."its because it was made for killing.....and it shows..."

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Q: What is the value of a World War 1 1918 trench knife without the sheath?
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What is the value of a 1917 knuckle duster trench knife?

Value depending from the quality of a 1917 trench knife: in very good conditions, with leather sheath between € 800,00 to 1.000,00

Do you sheaf or sheath a knife?

You sheath a knife.The verb, sheath, means to cover a knife blade, or the whole knife, with a sheath.The verb, sheathing, means putting the knife into a sheath; the knife is then sheathed (adjective).The noun, sheath, in this context, is a cover, usually fitted, made for carrying a knife or other kind of bladed implement.The verb, sheaf, means to gather (things) and bind or collect (them) into a bundle: 'a sheaf of papers'.The noun, sheaf, is the bundle of things which you've sheafed (adjective) by sheafing (verb) them.

What is a sheath knife?

A sheath knife is a knife blade that fits in a cover of some sort of material such as nylon or leather. The cover protects the knife, and also serves as a carrier.

How is sheath used in a sentence?

A sturdy sheath will protect your sword from incidental damage. The Bowie knife, also known as an Arkansas toothpick, is a large sheath knife.

What weapons were used in the world war?

Common trench raiding weaponsTrench raiding clubTrench knifePick axe handleHatchetBrass knucklesEntrenching toolSpadeMaceFascine knifeBillhookKnife bayonet

What is a trench knife?

A trench knife is a specialized knife made specifically for the close quarter combat on World War 1. Most of the fighting took place in narrow trenches or on "no mans land" a trench knife, which consisted of a brass knuckle with a long blade permanently affixed to it was a handy weapon to have. The trench knife doubles as a brass knuckle and a knife; with the knife securly attached to the user's hand, the enemy could not easily take the knife from the user. In trench warfare where firing a gun while in the trench could accidentally harm a fellow soldier who happens to be behind an enemy, a knife or bayonet was a safer means to eliminate an enemy.

How do you using sheath on a sentence?

There are 2 definitions of "sheath". I have one sentence with one definition of "sheath". Put the sheath back on the knife!

What is the name of a knife holder?

A sheath

What is the thing you put a knife in?

A sheath.

Knife is to sheath sword is to?


Can you give a sentence with sheath?

The hunter's knife was kept in it's leather sheath .

If a sword is to scabbard than what is a knife to?

If it is a hunting type knife the answer is sheath.

Have a camillus knife 11 on sheath and knife with Jim Catfish Hunter engraved on blade?

Yes i have a Camillus Knife with the number 11 stamped on the hilt, but don,t have the sheath

Did somebody make a World War 1 or World War 2 brass knuckle trench knife with a detachable brass knuckles?

yes, 1918 LF&C mfg. trench knife. the handle can be removed but not recommended.

What distinguishes a trench knife from other types of knife?

A trench knife is distinguished from other types of knives because a trench knife is used for close-quarter fighting. Other knives such as the combat knife is used by soldiers in the field, but is also used for fighting.

What contains a knife starting with sh?


Where do you put a knife?

You put a sword in a scabbard and a utility knife goes in a sheath.

How do you get trench knife in Mafia Wars?

A person was able to get a trench knife in Mafia Wars by becoming a fan of the Mafia Wars Facebook page. The trench knife was given out as a gift when the page hit 100,000 fans.

Is a trench knife illegal?

Trench knives are currently illegal in California.

What item does jack have in Chapter 1?

a sheath knife

What is the name of a knife holder when you strap it to your body?

a sheath

What is the thing that holds a knife on your belt called?

A sheath.

Are sheaf knives illegal at 3.5inches if used for hunting?

Term is sheath knife. Will depend on laws where you are. In general, a sheath knife may not be carried concealed. When worn in a sheath, on the belt, in plain view, while hunting, it is generally not a problem.

What is A case for the blade of a knife called?

If you mean a regular straight blade knife and not a pocket knife, the case is called a sheath.

What are the release dates for Auction Kings - 2010 World War 1 Trench Knife Opium License?

Auction Kings - 2010 WWI Trench Knife Opium License was released on: USA: 14 March 2013