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Your Browning light twelve shotgun,which was made in 1962 is valued at between 300-550 dollars if it has between 60%-90% of its original finish remaining and a good bore.


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value for remington light twelve sn 3g20225?

The value of such light is approximately $10,000

Interesting. The serial number would in dicate 1951, but the Light Twelve was introduced in 1952. Is the receiver marked "Light Twelve?"

I need to know the year and value of my light twelve gage semi auto shotgun.

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Impossible to answer without a detailed description of all features and markings. has sn data under customer service.

Your Browning light twelve shotgun,not rifle is valued at between 300-550 dollars for a shotgun with between 60%-90% of its original finish remaining,and a good bore. has a sn function listed under customer service.

Depending on exact configuration and condition, 0-400 USD.

Can't be answered without a detailed description of ALL markings, finish and overall condition

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You have a 1987 Light Twelve. Value depends on condition. Expect $400 to $800 for a used gun. A professional appraisal is recommended. has a sn fucntion listed under customer service.

Sorry, the Light Weight Twelve was not made until 1953, and the gun was never made in St. Louis. Post the serial number and we can tell you what you have.

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Impossible to age without the serial number. Value 50-350 USD

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