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What is the value of a browning 25 automatic pistol bought before 1954?


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this gun was estemated to be worth 500$.


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Depends on condition. A standard 'Baby' Browning pistol, blue, in typical condition would bring $300-$400. It also helps if you gave the dealer head... then he might lower the price

A 22lr semi-automatic pistol.

A Browning M1910 .32 caliber automatic pistol

9x18 is the Makarov cartridge. Browning never made a firearm chambered for it. They did, however, make such a pistol in 9x17 - otherwise known as the .380 Automatic Colt Pistol. It was actually the Beretta 84 'Cheetah', badge engineered and marketed as the Browning BDA 380.

The caliber should be marked on the slide.

.32 Auto IS .32 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol). It's also known as 7.65x17SR, 7.65x17 Browning, and 7.65x17 Browning SR.

It is a type of pistol that was created by John Browning in 1911. The standard US Army 45 caliber automatic pistol was a Model 1911.

John Moses Browning was the creator- but he was working for Colt. BTW, the ACP means Automatic Colt Pistol.

The 7.65 automatic pistol cartridge is also commonly known as the .32 ACP, or for short, .32 Auto. Any browning pistol chambered for .32 ACP uses 7.65.

The 69C prefix to your serial number indicates that it was produced in the year 1969. The above site has SN lists. The SN you list is @ 40 years old.

Yes- and several years before that.

That is '6.35mm' or .25 auto. Value depends on condition.

Depending on how old or new it is - on the slide, frame, barrel hood.

No such model made by Browning.

They refer to this handgun as the browning model BDA (browning double action auto) pistol.

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