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There were several British Coins minted in 1821 that match that description.

Sovereign (gold) 22.05 mm in diameter.

Half-Sovereign (gold) 19.3 mm in diameter.

Crown (silver) 37.6 mm in diameter.

Halfcrown (silver) 32 mm in diameter.

Shilling (silver) 23.5 mm in diameter.

Sixpence (silver) 19 mm in diameter.

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You have a British coin ("Georgius IV D.G. Britannia Rex F.D." is abbreviated latin for "George the Fourth, King of Britain and Defender of the Faith") dated 1821. To get a value, the denomination and condition of the coin would need to be known.

The U.S. did not mint any silver dollars in 1821. If you meant 1921, it's worth about $13 to $15 in average condition.If your coin is dated 1821, please check its denomination and post a new question. If it actually says it's a $1 coin it is a counterfeit.

Please look at the coin again. No U.S. silver dollars exist dated 1821.

The US made NO silver dollars dated 1821, look at the coin again and post new question.

There were no dollar coins minted in the USA in 1821.

The first Indian head cent was issued in 1856. A U.S. cent dated 1821 is a LIBERTY HEAD large cent. Most show heavy wear and are valued at $15.00-$40.00 for average circulated coins.

The Royal Mint did not produce any coins with Britannia from 1808 to 1820 inclusive. The first copper coins to be minted since 1807 was the 1821 Farthing, then the 1825 Penny and Halfpenny.

Try English. The Brits call them Pounds and the One Pound coin was first issued in 1983. The Sovereign, which is equal to One Pound was reintroduced into the British currency in 1817. George III died in 1820, George IV was on the throne in 1821.

I have a copy of the 'The Times' dated 1821 and priced at 7d (roughly 2.5 pence).

Therre were no 1821 British Double Sovereign or Two Pound coins minted.

It is counterfeit money. Mexico didn't exist until 1821.

A British 1821 (George IV) Sixpence, uncirculated and in absolute mint condition could fetch up to £300 GBP. If it has been circulated but still in good condition, it might fetch anything from £10 to £95 GBP. A British 1821 (George IV) Sixpence (BRITANNIAR), circulated but still in good condition, might fetch anything from £75 to £700 GBP. A British 1821 (George IV) Sixpence (Proof FDC), uncirculated and in absolute mint condition could fetch up to £550 GBP. A reputable coin dealer will be able to give a more accurate valuation. NOTE - The reverse of these coins is upside down to the obverse. This is normal.

A 1821 Hald Dollar - aka - Capped Bust Half Dollar - in good condition (G4) is worth: $75.00; if the mint state is MS60, the value rises to: $1300.

A denomination is needed, post new question

as of 2009 between 60- 3000.00 dollars

What was the population in 1821

What a question? Perhaps: Is 1821 a prime number? 1821 is NOT a prime number. It is divisible by 3.

1821 was in the 19th century (1800-1899).

The prime factors of 1821 are 3 and 607

Mil ochocientos veintiuno.

In 1821, Easter Sunday was on 22nd April.

Painted in 1821 this painting is in the National Gallery, London. No dollar value can be assigned. The value of paintings changes, and the best record of value is paintings sold at auction. This painting will most likely never be up for sale.

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