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This is a magician's trick coin made from two legal tender coins. While you might be able to sell it on eBay for more than "face value" (one cent, 10¢ or 11¢), it has no numismatic value. It has no special value. They're manufactured for magicians. You can buy them at most magic shops.


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The "face value" of any coin is whatever is inscribed on it. The face value of a Penny coin, is One Penny.

The coin that is not a penny is a quarter. The other one IS a penny.

The face value of any coin is what is inscribed on the face of it. The face value of a 1 Penny coin is 1 Penny.

the smallest value of a coin is a penny.

The value of a 1803 large penny will depend on the condition of the coin. If the coin is in mint condition, the value is an estimated $256.00.

Depending on the the condition of the coin the worth of the penny will vary.Ê The current value of the coin varies from $36.00 to $950.00 and determing the value the grade of the coin will determine the value of the coin.

It is a British Penny and a US coin cut in half and stuck to each other. It has no value.

It's a common date coin still in circulation. The coin is face value.

The coin is still in circulation and is face value.

The coin is just face value.

The value of the coin 'Bank Of Upper Canada 1850 Penny' would depend of the condition of the penny, if in mint condition it would be no more then $30.00 since there is high quantity of this coin. If you had the only coin for this penny, the value would go to extreme value.Posted By Doug Skead

The coin you have described sounds like a novelity coin and has no value other than the materials it is made from.

Such a coin does not exist.

There was never a 12 Penny coin minted.

No such coin exists, the wheat penny was minted from 1909-1958.

The value depends on the condition, rarity, and whether it is a Lincoln penny or a Wheat penny. A local coin collector will be better able to advise you upon visual inspection of your coin.

A currently circulating coin with no collector value.

The coin is still in circulation and only face value.

The coin is still found in circulation and is face value

Spend it this coin is face value only.

It's a novelty coin that has no collectible value.

I went to a coin collecter and discovered that the value of a 1913 african penny is 650$

The penny is the only coin that has a picture of Lincoln on it.

Britain never issued a Sixth Penny coin.

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