What is the value of a colorized photograph with the copyright Ullman Mfg Co New York 1898?

Ullman Mfg Co made LOTS of prints and photos, as evidenced by the many people on this board who are trying to ascertain the value of their particular print. Obviously, the more common this sort of antique is the less the value and Ullman Mfg. products are still quite common. Mass produced items for the home and garden really took off in the late 19th and early 20th centuries so even though yours is old, and of higher quality than a similarly mass made decorative item you could buy new in Sears it is not unique. This again lowers the value. If your photograph is in a period frame this may increase the worth. Ullman prints ARE collectible, and as time goes on their value will rise because many will either decay or suffer accidental damage or destruction. If you decide to keep yours make sure to store it somewhere dry and out of the sun. Attics are not good places to store art of any kind. Though some shops, on-line retailers and eBay sellers are asking as much as $80 for an Ullman print their current real worth is probably between $10 - $40, depending on their condition and their framing.