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Actually, it was manufactured by the Crescent Firearms Company and distributed by HD Folsom. "Charles Richter" was a trade name used by the New York Sporting Goods Co in New York around 1900. Value is as a wallhanger decoration, about $200 if in very nice condition, and the gun should not be fired with modern ammunition.

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What is the information on a Ranger double barrel shotgun?

Sold by Sears Roebuck. Probably manufactured by Stevens.

Double barrell shotgun with hammers. marked Charles rodgers London fine twist between barrels. can you tell me anything about it?

charles roges shotgun

Who manufactured a double-barreled shotgun with w more laminated steel on the barrels?

many makers did.

When was the Fox Savage Arms Model B 410 double barrel shotgun manufactured?

1966 to 1988

What is the age of your Winchester model 21 12 gauge double barrel shotgun serial 1324?

"Your" Winchester Model 21 Double Barrel Shotgun was manufactured in 1933, giving it an age of 77 years, as of 2010.

Who manufactured a 12 gauge Ranger double barrel shotgun serial c1186?

If it is side-by-side, probably Stevens.

Where are the LC Smith 410 double barrel shotgun manufactured?

Hunter Arms Company, Fulton, New York

How old is Lefever Nitro Special 16 gauge double barrel shotgun serial 280306?

The shotguns were manufactured by Ithaca from 1921 through 1947. Yours was manufactured in 1928.

What company manufactured a double barrel shotgun with a diamond symbol with an E inside of it?

Would need to know the other markings as well.

Who manufactured the 16 gauge Wards Western Field Deluxe 530A double barrel shotgun?

I would guess it was made by Stevens.

How do you know the age of a Riverside Arms shotgun?

== == "Riverside" was a brand model shotgun produced by the J. Stevens Co. (which was bought out by Savage in 1920) - These were utility grade double barrel shotguns manufactured between 1877 and 1988. If the serial number is prefixed with a letter it was manufactured after 1949. If there is no letter, it was manufactured prior to that. Thats the best I can do.

What is the value of a Parker Brothers 12 gauge double barrel shot gun manufactured in 1878 serial 19156?

To determine the exact value of a Parker Brothers 12 gauge double barrel shotgun manufactured in 1878, there are a few factors that would need to be taken into consideration. Most important of these factors being, the condition of the shotgun.

Is an Owner's Manual for a Charles Daly Model 500 Dbl barrel shotgun available?

Yes, there is an owners manual available for a Charles Daly Model 500 double barrel shotgun. Various sources can be found online.

When was a Powell 28 gauge double barrrel flintlock muzzle-loading shotgun manufactured?

@ 1830's to late 1850's

What is the age of a Ithaca double barrel shotgun with serial number 181560?

if this is the correct serial number ending in "560" it was manufactured in May of 1860.

When was a J Stevens double barrel 12 gauge shotgun Model 5100 made?

Stevens 5100 was manufactured from 1931 until 1941

What has the author Charles G Semmer written?

Charles G. Semmer has written: 'Remington double shotguns' -- subject(s): E. Remington & Sons, Remington shotgun

Who manufactured a 12 gauge Side by Side double hammer shotgun with side arm breakaway?

Over the years, several. One was the French Darne.

Who made the Price Machine Gun double barrel shotgun with patent 1883 on it?

how old is my price double shotgun serial number 35627

How old is a 12 gauge Hercules grade double barrel shotgun manufactured by Iver Johnson and Cycle works with a seriel number of 772E?

it was made in 1918

What details can you give on a 1924 10GA double barrel shotgun It has stamped on the tang Spencer Machine Gun?

Manufactured in Belgium by Simonis, Janssen, Dumoulin & Co.

What is the grade and manufactured date for Parker double barrel with serial?

In order to be of any assistance I will need the serial number of your Parker shotgun to determine the year of production.

Who manufactured your Ranger 12 gauge double barrel shotgun with serial x61604?

From what I could find your gun is made by Winchester. It should say it on your gun somewhere though.

When was Stevens double barrell 311e manufactured?

I can say that the Stevens model 311 side by side shotgun was discontinued in 1989.I would go to the Savage arms web site,they may be able to help you find out when the manufacture of your shotgun was started.

What is the difference between a double wide and a manufactured home.?

The difference between a double wide and a manufactured home is that the manufactured home is put on a foundation.