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This is a magician's or novelty coin, manufactured from two real pennies. While it's theoretically possible to have a double-headed coin come from the mint (though so unlikely that you may as well say it's impossible), there's no way, given the US Mint's practices, to have two sides show such a 10-year difference like that. (The same is true of the British Royal Mint, in case you're referring to a true penny, rather than a US cent.) These sell on eBay for a few dollars.

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What is a 1972 double dated penny worth?

Current retail is $200 to $250 depending on condition.

Is a penny dated 1954 a wheat penny?


How much is a double headed copper 1943 penny?

Nearly all double-headed coins are fakes. And nearly all 1943 copper cents are fakes. Combine the two and it sounds to me like you don't have a real coin.

Double headed young Queen Victoria on both sides of the coin with no date?

The Canadian "double-headed" cent is equal to the British One Penny. The Canadian one "cent" is equal to the British 1/2 penny (so a British penny is 2 cents or 1 double-headed cent). When first issued, the Canadian government had them struck to a standard of 100 coins to the pound of bronze rather than the the British standard of 80 coins to the pound of bronze. The first 1858 issues, however, were unpopular and originally had to be sold at a discount. It is believed the Canadians joined the two cents together to make them equivalent to the British Penny.

What is a silver penny dated 1993 worth?

U.S. pennies have never contained silver. Your penny is probably silver plated for jewelry or other decorations.

What is the value of a 1978 double headed penny where Lincoln is stamped on both sides?

This is a novelty coin not made by the US mint and has no collectible value.

How much is a Canadian penny with a bird on front dated 1867 1967 worth?

A penny

Is a 1987 Double Stamped penny worth anything?

It's worth at least a penny... But seriously, you need to provide more information to get an appraisal. What do you mean "double stamped" ? Is it a strike double? a die double? a two-headed coin? Ask a new question with more details, and perhaps a link to pictures of the coin, and we'll try to help.

What was 1 cent worth in 1896?

In 1896 a penny was worth a penny. If you have a penny dated 1896 then it is worth more than that.

What is the value of a 1939 double headed penny?

The same as 99.99999% of all double-headed coins. They're novelty items made by cutting apart 2 genuine coins and swapping sides. They sell for a couple of bucks at magic shops and hobby stores, but they have no value to coin collectors.

What is the value of a uk silver one penny dated 1994?

No such thing as a 94 silver penny.

The same on both sides defines what?

A two-headed penny.

What is a 1963 doublesided head penny worth?

The same as all the other double-headed / tailed coins out there - a couple of bucks in a novelty shop, zero to a coin collector. It's a privately-made novelty item called a magician's coin.

How much is a penny dated from 1959 worth?

one cent

What is the value of a penny with Lincoln printed on both sides and on one side is printed 1985 the other side is printed 1986?

The same as every other double headed or double tailed coin you find. It's a novelty item made privately and sold as a "magician's coin". They cost a few bucks in a novelty shop but are not worth anything to a coin collector.

Did paolo nutini date a girl called penny?

He dated Jenny.

How many 1 penny coins were minted in 1948?

The Royal Mint produced 63,961,200 One Penny coins dated 1948.

Who has Jeri Ryan dated?

Penny Porsche, Stephanie Abrams and Marina Sirtis.

Did johnny and penny date during the movie dirty dancing?

No, they never dated.

How much is a wheat penny 1966 worth?

There are no wheat pennies dated 1966.

What is a penny with a Denver mint mark dated 1955 worth?

3 cents.

What is a double headed george v penny worth?

It's really hard to value this as it is really rare if it is real. I would bring it to a person who knows more in person and see if you can get authentication on it, then sell it on an auction.

Are British Penny coins dated 1920 to 1940 rare?

The only British general circulation Penny that could be considered rare from this period is the 1926 Penny. There was an unknown number minted.

How much is a penny from Canada dated 1867 1967 with a bird on the back worth?


How much is a copper penny dated 1960 D worth?

one cent i think!

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