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What is the value of a double sided blank quarter with no ridges on the side?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-20 21:38:47

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Blank quarter planchet; Silver planchet-$35.00 compound planchet-$4.00

2006-07-20 21:38:47
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Most blank CDs are not double-sided. If you have one that is indeed double-sided, then yes.

What is the value of a double sided eagle quarter?

It depends on what the grade is.

What is the value of a double sided blank nickel?

A nickel blank planchet; nickel-$5.00 wartime silver-$350.00

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A double sided DVD-r will hold 8.5 GB.They do cost more,but not in comparison to the capacity.

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How much is a double sided quarter worth double struck eagle?

If it is a phony...about $10.00. If is a real minted coin; auctions start bids off at about $10 to $20 thousand.

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Does a real double face George Washington quarter exist?

There have been reports of mint errors that created a double-sided quarter but none have been verified. It's 99.99999% certain you have a magician's coin, which is a novelty item made by slicing 2 quarters in half and swapping sides.

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What is the problem if your DVD recorder does not allow you to record to a double sided recordable DVD?

there is no problem. there is no double sided dvds.

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