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It would depend on the year the bass was made. For instance, a pre-CBS bass (anything prior to mid-64, when CBS took over from Leo Fender) is worth much more than one made in recent years.

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The bass was made in 1992, by Cort. Value? No idea, except to say that it's far less than those made in Japan or the US.

Fender, Gibson, G&L, Rickenbacker, and Peavey have models that are made in the US (but not all). Carvin and Spector are made in the US.

Fender Jazz basses after the 1980's do not go for much higher than brand new Fender basses. I would estimate the price of your bass at around 1000, or if you are lucky 1500.

The American series Precision Bass or American series Jazz Bass as well as some others. Check out .

I would say a fair price for one in reasonable condition with the original case would be about 2500-3000 US$.

Hi! That Fender Jazz Bass is from the 70's. Normally, the prefix "S" tells us that it was made in the 70's, and I can tell you by the digit "8", that comes after the "S", tells us that it was made around 1977-1978.

I don't know much about the bass guitar but the Fender American Deluxe is a high quality guitar made in the good old USA. Custom Sop is basicaly the same thing, made in the US and all, but it can be customized to fit your needs and wants. Really if you don't care about color or the look, then go with the American deluxe. If you have the money and want it too look a special way, then go with the custom shop. Hope this helps. If you have any other guitar questions, check this website It's the best website for all your guitar needs.

between 800 and 1500 bucks

I think you need to check the serial number is V and not U. The V series means US Vintage and should have the date stamped on the neck. Have your engineer check this the next time your have your bass serviced.

This is a 1961 or '62 Korean-made guitar.Not knowing all the component parts, materials and colors and condition , there is no way for us to value this properly. Please go to a vintage instrument dealer for a professional valuation.

This Squier Bass was made in Korea 1989. In the Samick factory. Samick has been a manufacturer since the early 1950's starting with making pianos. Samick produces many variety of guitars for several big named companies and host their own line of Greg Bennett/Samick guitars. The quality is as good as any US factory. The value of this bass, based on a recent listing on Ebay (5/13) is $350.00.

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The E prefix on the Fender guitar denotes one produced in the 1980s. The 7 that follows the "E" indicates that the guitar was made in Fuji-Gen Japan. Together, these digits tell us more specifically that the guitar was made somewhere between 1984-87.

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According to Fender, this serial number actually breaks down in to two parts, making it fairly easy to decipher. The E9 prefix + 5 digit number denotes this is a US-made Fender, built some time in 1989. The E8 + 5 digit combination would also denote a 1989 US-built guitar.

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