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What is the value of a football autographed by Michael Strahan?


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Depends on the buyer,If you have a certificate of authenticity it's value triples.


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The value of a Michael Strahan rookie card depends on the maker of the card and its condition. He is a retired NFL player who played for the NY Giants.

The value of a basketball autographed by Michael Jordan would go from the cost of $500 to $2,000 depending on when it was autographed.

the card is worth $20,000. I have a autographed Michael Jordan basketball card

An Official NFL football costs around $100.00. An autographed one would be worth more.

Faded autographed signatures on a football cannot be restored. Writing over the existing signature is going to take away value from the football.

i sold mine for $800, it was the 2006 championship football

We currently have for sale on eBay (, a 1968 AFL football autographed by 44 members (out of 50) of the Oakland Raiders team and a 1972 NFL football autographed by 44 members (out of 52) of the LA Rams team. The bidding starts at $2,500.00 for the Raiders autographed football and $980 for the LA Rams football. Check them out!

autograghed football Baltimore colts 1964 by johnny unitas and team

The value of a Steve Young autographed Super Bowl XXIX ___ : football: $ 450 jersey: $320 - $1,750 picture: $ 90-115

An aproximate amount of 562.00 In US Dollars.

You could sell it on ebay for about $300.

There are many factors that can impact the value of a sports collectible including its condition. The value of a football autographed by the entire 1973 Green Bay Packers team in the original box is approximately 200 USD.

Michael Irvin you say? Current value about £26.37 and a balloon

An Ahman Green autographed football doesn't hold a very high value compared to some players. On average, you can sell one for $80 to $100.

The value would be around 20 dollars if you have one to sell.

The value of the 1964 team-autographed Cleveland Browns white Wilson football in mint shape varies somewhat with the collector's market. This football can sell for as much as about 300 dollars or as little as 100 dollars.

The value depends on a number of things: 1. What year/season is the signed football from? 2. Whose signatures appear on the ball? 3. What is the condition of the football and the signatures on it? Once you answer these two questions, you can begin to have a notion of the value of the football.

The value for an autographed football signed by the Super Bowl Champion Rams depends on its condition. This ball in excellent condition is valued between 129.99 and 149.99 as of 2014.

What is the Value of a 1976 Cleveland Brown Team Football and signed by all the players and coach? and where could I Market or sell the ball? Thanks.

I own a signed card of Michael Jordan and I believe it's worth a little over $500

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