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What is the value of a framed newspaper article a program an 'I Was There' pin and two ticket stubs from the game when Cal Ripken broke the Iron Man record?


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April 22, 2008 11:47PM

On September 6, 1995 Cal Ripken Jr. broke Lou Gehrig's record for consecutive games played, 2131. It was no secret that this was going to happen, All he had to do is show up for the game, and because of this the Orioles were able to print up commemorative programs & tickets for the game, along with the "I was There" pin.

There are two separate programs, and two separate tickets for this game. The commemorative program and ticket both are embossed. The commemorative program sells for about $30.-$40. (game day price $19.95) and the regular season Program $20.-$30.

The commemorative ticket "books" for $90.-$100. and the Game day Ticket about $200. The reason I quoted the "Book" value is because this value reflects the price of theses collectibles when it was a hot item, and everyone wanted one. Now 12+ years later most everyone that wanted one has one. Demand is down, the dust has cleared, and two tickets for this game just sold for $35. on eBay. A good buy? Yes. I would put the current value at about $35.-$50. a Ticket, and in the years to come as more collectors join the market they will rise in value. Back to the "Book Value" price.

The Newspaper articale is just a novelty without the rest of the newspaper. The key newspaper would be the Baltimore Sun edition September 7, 1995. This newspaper sells for about $15.-$35. when it does. Everyone saved a paper from this day from their hometown, and even the Baltimore Sun edition was printed in excess, and sold by mail across the country. The fragile nature of the paper used will keep collectors from spending big money in the years to come.

I have not found any information on the "I Was There" Pin, and suspect the value to be low. Somewhere in the $20. price range. If I come up with any more info I will update the answer. I will leave links below to other Cal Ripken Jr record breaking memorabilia.