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What is the value of a game played non-autographed Tony Gwynn bat from 1984?

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April 26, 2009 8:06PM

A Tony Gwynn game used bat can sell between $600., and -$3,000.

if accompanied by the proper paperwork and provenance. The absence

of acceptable documentation linking the bat to the noted player

will bring a much lower price and will have to be identified by

using player Characteristics, and company shipping records . The

quality of provenance accompanying the game used bat will dictate

the bulk of the value. Provenance is the documentation of the

history of ownership of a particular item. It allows the buyer to

secure additional insight as to the origin or chain of custody of

the item. the provenance must come from a verifiable source. For

example, a letter that comes from a source like a player, team

executive, family member could have great impact while bats that

originate from a particular collection or bats that come with

letters from a spectator may not be given much, if any , weight.

Player Characteristics For example could be the way a player taped

a bat, or applied pine tar. Characteristics so unique to those

players that the presence of those characteristics dramatically

improves the likelihood that these players used these exact bats.

The bat must show some signs of game-use that are attributable to

or known for that particular player With or without provenance the

bat will have to be evaluated by a reputable authenticating

service. The experts that evaluate the bat will have to rely solely

on player Characteristics and the bat will achieve a lower grade

bringing the value down. However under rare circumstances a

game-used bat that possesses extraordinary player characteristics

may achieve a higher grade than a bat that is accompanied by

provenance, if the player usage characteristics are superior. The

degree of game use could also effect the value of the bat. Game

used bats do not receive grades like "Mint" or "Near Mint" based on

sheer condition. Game-used bats need to show some sign of wear in

order for the expert to render an opinion. It is also part of the

appeal of collecting game-used bats. Most collectors of game used

bats prefer bats that Show "great use" Tony Gwynn's Preferred Bat

is a Blond Louisville Slugger C263C. He has ordered Models: B267,

B267C, C235C, C243, C243C, C263, C263C, G168C, G169C, G170, G170C,

K55, K55C, M253C, P72, R161, R161C, S226C, T141C A Tony Gwynn

rookie era bat sold for $3,215 in 2004.

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