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How long is the bayonet? If the blade is long, (14" +/-) it sounds like a very early year Springfield rifle bayonet. If it is 10" long, it may be a WWII cut down model. IF the former, $250.00 or more, if the latter, $125.00.

Condition (good or bad) can change values by 50% or more.

2007-10-24 20:44:48
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Q: What is the value of a good condition bayonet including metal sheath with US imprinted at base of bayonet on one side and 1908 on the other side?
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What is the value of a good condition bayonet including metal sheath with US printed at base of byonet and 1917 Remington on the other side?

If its frog(sheath) is all original like the bayonet?These are commanding 125 dollars and up depending on the condition of both.I just paid 135 dollars for mine.

What is the value of a decent condition bayonet including metal sheath with what appears to be gun sights on with the initials MAT at the base of it 14 long?

10-50 US Dollars

What is the value on a waffenfabrik neuhausen saw tooth bayonet?

If your bayonet is in good condition and has the sheath with it,I have seen them selling for between 95-150 dollars on different sites.

What is the value of a 1945 US M8A1 bayonet in good condition with sheath in good condition?

go to: bring up knifes & bayonets and ask

How much is a 1907 bayonet worth with sheath and a crown on it?

It all depends. There were 7 makers of this bayonet, over a few dozen years. Condition, rarity of maker, sheath condition all would play a part in the valuation. Low number, $40, upper number, $200. If it has the early hook (called the hooked quillion), the high price could double.

What is the value of a no4 mk2 bayonet?

Without the sheath, about $5-10 USA; with the sheath, $20-30 USD.

What is the value of a Japanese World War 2 rifle without bolt but with bayonet and sheath?

Impossible to answer without a DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF ALL MARKINGS, condition, finish, caliber, barrel length.

What is the value of a 1913 us bayonet?

In english pounds they are worth £85 on their own (good condition) and more if in original sheath. Sorry if you wheren't looking for it in english pounds, just use google convert or something if not.

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i dont know but mine goes et21009b, does yours have a green sheath and a marking that looks like a sword going through a gear?

Bayonet serial no 337054 US and the flaming bomb SA and 1908 on the other No damage except a little pitting on blade and wood handle good with slight splintering on side No sheath Any idea of value?

sounds like a pre-WW1 Springfield 1903 rifle bayonet

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What is the value of a 1901 bayonet with US on one side and 1901 on the other in a metal sheath?

Hello, I personally have the same knife which I am going to sell. The same knife with a leather sheath is for sale on ebay $250 buy it now firm. It does have some rust and in worn condition. Between ebay and paypal there is a 12% fee and shipping will be about $7-8. That means if it sells the seller will get about $210. (not bad). However it is buy it now so it may never sell for that price. A dealer might offer you between $50 and $100 in worn rusty condition. This is assuming it is hard to get into and out of sheath but still manageable. If you are selling DONT accept the first offer. Counter offer for a much higher price and see where it goes. If it is shiny and very good condition you may be looking at $200-$250. I hope that this helps. Dont take to a pawn shop but instead a military memorbalia dealer. You can find one on google. God Bless

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