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That depends entirely on the condition it is in.

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Is a 9422 win mag tribute rifle worth 700?

Your winchester model 9422 special edition traditional tribute rifle is currently valued at 575 dollars,if new in the box condition(never fired) and has the box and hang tags.

What is a marlin 30 30 the American hunter tribute no. 35 an edition of 300?

Marlin 336c 3030 The American Hunter #35 of 300... value?

Winchester limited edition 1972 gold plated?

What condition is it in?

What does ACE stand for with Honda?

It stands for American Classic Edition "American Custom Edition"

What has the author Duane D Dumbleton written?

Duane D Dumbleton has written: 'Teacher's edition of student workbook for use with Education for American Indians' -- subject(s): Education, Indians of North America

What is the value of a Winchester Cherokee Trail of Tears commemorative edition rifle?


How many winchester rifles model 94 crazy horse 38-55 were made?

There was 19,999 guns made in this edition by winchester.

What is the value of a Winchester model 94 IAM special edition rifle?

$700 to $800

How much would a 2004 limited edition Winchester knife Cost?

150 dollars

How can you find the date made on a Winchester buffalo bill commemorative edition serial?

The Winchester Buffalo Bill Commemorative rifle,or carbine were made in the year 1968.

When was New American Bible Revised Edition created?

New American Bible Revised Edition was created in 2011.

Which is the best trivial pursuit edition?

The original Genus edition. and another good one is the All American edition.

How much is a Elvis Presley magazine 1977 worth in good condition it is a photoplay tribute?

Special collectors edition

In which American girl magazine edition is the room refresher article?

It is in the American Girl magazine 20th edition that has the room refresher article.

What is a Winchester model 9422 xtr 1st year edition noncheckered worth?

50-700 usd

What is PS2 platinum edition?

It is a PS2 game edition similar to the North American Greatest Hits Edition but for the PAL regions

What is the value of a Winchester model 9422 serial number F615529?

Your rifle was made in 1989. Book value shows it in a range from $150 to $650. Recently these rifles have been fetching $800 to $1000 in very good condition. A special edition tribute model is usually worth $100 to $500 more.

What is the value of a Winchester Legendary Lawman commemorative edition rifle?

Made in 1977 it is worth $695.00 at 100% condition.

How much is a model 200 ted williams edition 12 gauge pump winchester worth?

175 USD

What is the value of Model 1890 Winchester pump third edition case harden adjustable rear sight serial number 254369?

the Winchester 1890 is a fine 22 cal plinker. check with '' and look under winchester 1890 model for sale price

Which team has won 4 IPL?

Mumbai Indians the baddest team in the ipl edition

What is APA fifth edition?

The 5th edition of the APA style of writing put out by the American Psychological Association.

What is the value of a Winchester commemorative rifle Michigan law enforcement maufactured about 1980?

Winchester did not make a commemorative "Michigan law enforcement" Model 94. What you have is a special edition gun that was made by Winchester, but embellished by someon else. This was a very common practice with the Model 94. Cheverolet and Dodge, and Coca Cola did the same thing in the early 1980s. Special edition Winchester Model 94s essentially have the same value as a "plain Jane" Modle 94 of the same manufacture era.

What is the value of a Winchester model 70 super grade rmef limited edition 300 wsm at the end of production?


What is the value of a Winchester Model 94 30-30 that is an NRA 100th Anniversary edition?

If NIB approximately $600.