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Retail value is about $1675 with 95% original finish or NRA Very Good condition.

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When was Winchester cathedral built?

Like many cathedrals, Winchester Cathedral in England has been built and rebuilt and renovated and had extensions over a long period. There has been a cathedral on the site since the 1093. A lot of work has been done on it throughout the centuries since that time, right up to the 1900s.

Was the 1900s the 18th century?

no i think the 2oth century is the 1900s?

What company manufactured the first Valentine in the early 1900s?

While a German company called Wessler as well as an American company called Halls Brothers (later renamed 'Hallmark') were both manufacturing Valentines in the early 1900's, many of the Valentine's made in the early 1900's were manufactured by unknown manufacturers.

In the 1900s did they hunt for food?

Yes there were those that hunted for food in the 1900s.

What was used as transport in 1700s-1900s?

mainly horses and carriages.

What was the employment income in the 1900s?

hello, the employment in the 1900s was that you have to cut the grass with scissors

Were wheels invented before the 1900s?

Wheels were invented long before the 1900s

At the end of 1900s the world experienced?

the world experienced a whole lot in the 1900s

What was the native American population in the 1900s?

about 14,672,765 is the population of native americans in the 1900s

Where did the British settle in America in the 1900s?

where did the 1900s immigrants go to when they got here

What became extinct in the 1900s?

buffaloes were killed near extinction in the early 1900s

How many people did Superman save in the 1900s?

Superman didn't exist in the 1900s

What European country controlled Nigeria in the first half of the 1900s?

the british took control of nigeria in the early 1900s. nigeria became its ows country in 1900s.

Some ideas patented in the 1800s-1900s are?

what are some there inventions in 1800s-1900s

Name one war that the US fought in the 1900s?

there were no wars that were fought in the 1900s by the u.s.

What was in the early 1900s?

in late 1800s and early 1900s the industrial revolution took place

What was a steelmaking city in the early 1900s?

which city was a steel making center in the early 1900s

Which region had the fastest growing population in the 1900s?

the fastest growing population in the 1900s Was theWest.

What was the biggest car ever manufactured?

In height, it was the Toyota Mega Cruiser. It is a massive 81.7 inches and is the largest four wheel drive they have manufactured. However, there is also a car built in the 1900s that is 100 inches high. It's the Fiat 60 HP, it's pretty old so maybe the first option is the one you're looking for.

How thick is tin foil?

These days, foil is usually made of aluminum, rather than tin (a change that occurred in the early 1900s). It is manufactured in thicknesses ranging from 0.024 mm (0.94 mils) to 0.2 mm (8 mils).

What happened in New York during the early 1900s?

What events happened in new york in the 1900s

Did Joan of Arc win the fights or lose them in 1900s?

Joan died in 1431 and was not alive in the 1900s.

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