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First, I'll tell you the Standard Catalog's suggested value for a standard Sporting Rifle manufactured prior to 1964 in NRA Good condition is $1000. Now, I'll tell you why that's probably not right. There are 5 different major configurations and literally hundreds of varieties. In addition to the Sporting Rifle, there is a Fancy Sporting Rifle, Extra Lightweight Rifle, Carbine, and Trappers Carbine. There are crescent and shotgun-style buttplates; round, octagonal, and half-octagonal barrels; solid frame and take-down versions; full, three-quarter, and half length magazines; carbines with or without saddle rings; and special order sights and barrel lengths. Guns chambered for cartridges other than the usual 30-30 will bring more or less. Special sights that were factory installed will add a premium while identical sights added later will reduce the value. And the condition of the gun is probably the largest factor in determining its value - the Sporting Rifle drops to $400 for Poor condition and jumps to $2500 in Excellent. While most of these things would not make much difference to someone who wanted it for hunting, they are very important to collectors who will pay the big money.

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Q: What is the value of a model 94 serial no 1017544?
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