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A new penny blank planchet is worth $1.50.

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Q: What is the value of a new penny found in the roll but was not stamped?
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Worth of a roll of pennies?

A roll of pennies is worth 50 cents unless there is a penny with a collectors value in the roll.

What is the dollar value of a roll of pennies?

One roll of pennies has a face value of a 50 cents. However, if there is a penny in the roll that is worth more than 1 cent the roll will be worth more.

What is the value of an antique roll-top desk with mhg no.1038 stamped on the back?

More information would be needed to know what the value of the desk would be. Many of these roll-type antique desks average in price over $1,500.

Value of log cabin penny?

About $1 but for a 50 penny roll (of that penny) on on-line auctions can sell anywhere from $2 to well over $50(if your auctioneers are in a good mood).That pretty good if you ask me

Could you tell me If i found a penny in a roll of dimes it looks like zinc and the same size as a dime what's it worth?

Any store you walk into would accept it at face value, i.e. 1¢ . It's doubtful that it would have any value to a collector.

What is the value of a 2010 shield penny?

If you got it in change, 1 cent. All US cents will have the same shield design from now on.Or $25-$35 dollars IFit is in a 50 penny roll

How to tell if penny is uncirculated?

It has to come from a dealer, a newly-opened roll at a bank, or be in a mint package. If you found it in change, it's circulated by definition.

What was the first penny candy sold in America?

The first penny candy sold in America was the tootsie roll! :)

What is the probability of rolling a penny on heads and roll a three?

1/2 for penny and 1/6 for dice

What is the value of an unstruck quarter found in a roll of Nevada state quarters?

These are generally worth $5 to $10

What is the value of an uncirculated 1958 penny?

1958 uncirculated Lincoln Wheat Pennies are worth $0.20 each. An original uncirculated roll (50) is worth $6.00

What was the first wrapped penny candy in America?

It was the tootsie roll!!

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