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What is the value of a 2 cent Franklin unused postal postcard?

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Q: What is the value of a one cent two cent and three cent postcard all unused?
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Value of 6 cent postcard?

6 cents 6 cents 6 cents

What is the current value of a 8 cent liberty stamp Unused?

About 25 cents

3 cent Statue of Liberty postcard value?

On various online sites, the 3-cent liberty postcards can be bought for about one dollar.

What is the value of an unused blue 5 cent George Washington stamp?

5 cents

What is the value of a 33 cent Road Runner stamp?

An unused sheet of ten is worth about $9.50.

Can you use a 34 cent stamp for a postcard?

You can use the 34 cent stamp on a postcard. The current postcard rate in the US is 28 cents. You would be paying an extra 6 cents!

2 cent postcard?

In 1955 it cost $.02 cents to mail a postcard. As of 2014, the cost to mail a postcard is $.03 cents.

How much was a postcard stamp in 1935?

1 cent

Is there a market for a 4 cent statue of liberty postcard?


What is the cash value of a Thomas Jefferson 1c stamp?

Unused it is still valid for 1 cent worth of postage.

What is the value of the 1991 Elvis Presley 29 cent stamp?

It's still worth 29 cents if unused.

What is the value of a 3 cent coin?

Three cents.

What is the value of a Navajo Jewelry 1 cent stamp?

It's a TWO cent stamp, first issued in 2004, and an unused specimen is worth exactly two cents.

How much was it in US to send a postcard in 1920?

One cent

What is the value of a frederic Remington artist of the west 4 cent stamp?

20 cents used; 50 cents unused

What is the value of a blue 5 cent George Washington stamp from 1968?

These are still too common to have any special collectors value. If unused you can stilluse them for postage.

How much is a 4 cent postcard with Lincoln on it worth?

About 2 cents.

What is the Value of Unused 1 cent US postage stamp?

Still one cent, unless the stamp is more than 70 years old, in which case it may be worth more.

What is a 1905 Hong Kong cent value?

A Hong Kong "one cent" issued in 1905 usually costs USD 4.0 for a fair appearance. It may cost more if it is unused.

What is the value of an 1854 nickel three cent?

Look at the again, with a date of 1854 it's not a nickel three cent piece, it should be a silver three cent piece. Post new question.

How much are unused Elvis Presley postage stamps worth?

The value of an unused Elvis Presley postage stamp would depend on the year it was released and the demand for it. The current value of the 29 cent Elvis Presley stamp is approximately 50 cents.

What is the value of a new 3 cent stamp marking 300 anniversary of new york city?

3¢ if it is unused (as postage), nothing if used.

How much is 50 ten cent stamps unused The Legond of Sleepy Hollow worth?

That is Scott number US 1548. It has a value of 60 cents mint and minimal 15 cent used.

What is the value of an unused green Washington 3 cent stamp?

Washington appears on a number of green 3 cent stamps. And this era is particularly tricky to identify. Consult an online catalog for information to figure out which one you have. That will provide you an estimate on the value.

What is the value of a three cent coin 1867?

The 1867 Nickel Three-Cent Piece in average circulated condition has retail values of $20.00-$40.00.