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It isn't "worth" anything, but if glued to a card listing the "amazing similarities" shared by these two assassinated Presidents, they sell for about $1.

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Q: What is the value of a penny with Lincoln and JFK's heads facing each other?
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What are the illustrations on the US penny?

Side-facing bust of Abraham Lincoln on the "heads" side, and Lincoln Memorial on the "tails" side.

Who is on the heads side of a penny?

Abraham Lincoln

Who is in the heads side of a penny?

Abraham Lincoln

Why does Lincoln's face right on his coin?

The person who created that penny used a portrait for Lincoln for the penny and in that picture, Lincoln is seen facing the right so yeah.

Where can you purchase a Lincoln facing Kennedy penny?

Try the links listed below.

Why is the penny coin picture of Lincoln differt then other coins?

The penny is the only coin that has a picture of Lincoln on it.

What president was on the US penny?

Abraham Lincoln is on the penny. No other president has been featured on a U.S. penny.

What are all the possible outcomes for flipping or tossing three coins a dime a nickel and a penny in an organized manner and how would a tree diagram show these results?

There are eight possible results when flipping three coins (eliminating the highly unlikely scenario of one or more coins landing on their edge): Dime - Heads / Nickel - Heads / Penny - Heads Dime - Heads / Nickel - Heads / Penny - Tails Dime - Heads / Nickel - Tails / Penny - Heads Dime - Heads / Nickel - Tails / Penny - Tails Dime - Tails / Nickel - Heads / Penny - Heads Dime - Tails / Nickel - Heads / Penny - Tails Dime - Tails / Nickel - Tails / Penny - Heads Dime - Tails / Nickel - Tails / Penny - Tails

What does a 1946-D wheat penny look like?

The obverse (heads) side looks the same as any other Lincoln cent since 1909, and the reverse (tails) is the same as all other wheat pennies.

Is heads good luck on a penny?

No. If you flip a penny (or any other standard coin) a lot of times, on average you'll get heads half the time and tails half the time so neither side is luckier than the other.

What year was the Lincoln penny introduced?

The Lincoln penny was first introduced in 1909.

Who is in the picture on the back of the penny?

One side of the penny pictures the Lincon Memorial in Washington D.C. The other side (the side with the person on it) pictures Abraham Lincoln. The penny is pretty much a tribute to Abraham Lincoln

Why does Lincoln face to the right on a penny but all other presidents on coins face toward the left?

According to the US Mint web site, the designer of the coin fashioned the image of Lincoln after a portrait that also showed the former president facing right.

Ambrahan Lincoln on a penny?

Yes he is on the penny.

Who is on the 1973 us penny?

Lincoln is on this penny.

What is the value on 1927 D lincoln penny?

Lincoln head 1927 D penny

Who is the man on the penny?

Abraham Lincoln

Is a Lincoln penny with two heads on the front worth anything the front appears to be normal other than a small male figured head above the date looking at Lincoln?

It's a privately-made novelty item with no coin-collector value.

When was the Lincoln Memorial first put on the penny?

The Lincoln memorial was first put on the penny in 1959

Is Abraham Lincoln on a coin?

Abraham Lincoln is on the American Penny. The penny is the one cent coin.

What is the value of a penny with Lincoln head and the Memorial stamped on one side with the other side blank?

This type of error of misstruck coins is called 'Brockage'. A Lincoln penny with this error is valued at $35.00

When a penny and a nickel are tossed. find the probability that the penny shows heads given that the nickel shows heads?

The probability is 0.5

In penny One side Lincoln what picture on the other side?

The name is Lincoln rather than Lincon.The building is an image of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC

How is Abraham Lincoln honored?

Abraham Lincoln is honored by the Lincoln Memorial, by his image on the penny, by having towns, cities and streets named after him, and in many other ways.

The Lincoln penny replaced what penny?

Lincoln cents replaced Indian Head cents starting in 1909