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What is the value of a queen elizabeth 25 cent coin dated 1860?

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The date cannot be correct. Victoria was Queen in 1860. Elizabeth II did not ascend to the throne until 1952.

Could you please post a new question giving the coin's country of origin and a description of the image(s) shown?

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What is the value of an 1860 Queen Elizabeth half penny?

Such a coin does not exist. Queen Victoria was queen in 1860. Queen Elizabeth I died over 250 years earlier. Queen Elizabeth II would not be born for another 66 years. It is possible that you have some sort of Queen Elizabeth I commemorative token or medallion of similar dimensions to a halfpenny. These types of tokens were quite popular in the 19th century.

Who wasn't on the 1860 presidential ballot?

Queen Elizabeth I

What Impact on America did Queen Elizabeth have?

Dearest Queen Elizabeth provided the Americans with several rare species of llamas in the 1860's that became a crucial factor of American treatment of livestock.

What is the value of a 1860 half cent?

Please look at the date again, no U.S. half-cents are dated 1860. 1857 was the last year of issue.

What is the value of an 1860 CC US silver dollar?

The Carson City mint opened in 1870. If your coin is dated 1860 with a CC mint mark it's a counterfeit.

Who was king or queen of England in 1860?

Queen Victoria was Queen of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in 1860. She was not Queen of England - there has not been one of those since 1707.

When was Emma Elizabeth Thoyts born?

Emma Elizabeth Thoyts was born in 1860.

When was Forrestina Elizabeth Ross born?

Forrestina Elizabeth Ross was born in 1860.

Who was the king or queen of England in the 1860's?

Queen Victoria

When was Elizabeth Hawkins-Whitshed born?

Elizabeth Hawkins-Whitshed was born in 1860.

When did Elizabeth Yates - actress - die?

Elizabeth Yates - actress - died in 1860.

What is the value in 2010 British Pounds of 1860 British Pound?

One Pound British in 1860 had the purchasing power of about £63.10 GBP in 2010. This is an approximation based on the value of the pound in 1860 and the value of the pound in 2010, factoring for inflation.

Was elizabeth cady Stanton involved in the anti slavery movement?


What is tha value of an 1860 one penny token Bristol va.usa?

what is the value of an 1860 one penny token chapter #50 of bristo virgina usa

Who was the person on top of the Government in Canada in the 1860's?

queen Victoria

What is the value of a Henry Model 1860 with a brass receiver?

about 35000.00

What would be the value of 1000 pounds of 1860 in 2010?


What was the annual value of manufacturing goods in Missouri in 1860?


Southern cotton represented of the value of the nation's export in 1860?

Its two thirds of the value of the nations export.

What is the value of an 1860 penny?

U.S. or British? Post new question

In 1860, the value of southern slaves exceeded the investments in?

Industrialization in the South.

What is the value of an 1860 US 1 cent coin?

An Indian Head cent from 1860 retails for about $10 if well-worn, up to about $60 if almost uncirculated.

When and where was baseball player Charlie Berry born?

Charlie Berry was born September 6, 1860, in Elizabeth, NJ, USA.

Southern cotton represented what percent of the value of the nation's export in 1860?


What is the value of an 1860 silver dollar mint o?

The 1860 o seated liberty dollar is a valuable coin, but it depends on the condition. It could be anything from 50 to 3000.