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Saint Michael pendant 3.6g 925 silver what is it worth

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Just wondering if it's worth anything

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Q: What is the value of a ring hallmarked 925 cz 3.6g?
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What is the value of your gold mens ring stamped BGE 925?

The value of your gold men's ring stamped BGE 925 is $13.28.

Fas 925 stamp on ring what does it mean?

FAS 925 on a gold ring what does it mean?

What does 725 on silver mean?

Are you sure it doesn't say 925 instead? Often I find that '925' often looks like it says '725' when hallmarked. All '925' means is that your item is silver. :-)

What does 925 A mean on a ring?

what does 925 A mean

What does CI 925 mean on a ring?

CI 925 Ring with lots of Diamonds

What does JS 925 mean stamped inside a rin?

Stamped inside a ring, the JS initials and the 925 mean the initials of the manufacturer and the karat of the ring. A ring that says 925 means that the ring has 925 karats.

I saw a blue saffire ring stamped 925 China is this gold real?

First this stone is spelled "sapphire", which is a precious stone. Your ring is not gold if it is stamped 925. 925 is the mark for silver. If your ring is marked 925 and gold in color it is gold plated, which brings no value to the ring besides the value of the silver weight and of course the stones. Unfortunately high quality gemstones are not usually put in a silver setting, unless you are dealing with a high end designer (whose mark would be on the ring). China is the country where your ring was manufactured.

Is there value in a 925fas ring?

925 is 9ct Gold, it goes by the weight of the Gold but the true value is determined by the gems set on to it

What does 925 on a ring mean?

The silver content is .925

What does HMT 925 engraved on the inside of a ring mean?

What does 925 inside a silver ring mean

What does 925 mean on ring?

925 means sterling silver

What does 925 PD inside a ring mean?

PD 925

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