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What is the value of a silver penny?

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2015-11-19 11:01:33

There are no 1-cent coins made in the US from silver. What you

have is probably one of a few different but common possibilities: *

If your coin is dated 1943, it's actually a wartime coin made from

zinc-plated steel. In uncirculated condition it's worth a dollar or

two. * If your coin is dated 1982 or later, it's probably a

standard unplated coin. Cents made after 1982, as well as some of

them made during 1982, are not pure copper, but are zinc coins

plated with copper. Sometimes a coin will escape the Mint unplated,

but more often than not the copper plating has been removed by

being soaked in one of several possible liquids, including vinegar

or automobile coolant (anti-freeze). These rarely have any extra

value to collectors. * If your coin is dated before 1982 (or

possibly a 1982) and has a dull finish, it's probably a standard

cent coated or plated by a child with a variety of possible metals,

including mercury. These have no extra value to collectors, and can

be dangerous to handle at times, depending on the material with

which it is coated/plated. If it's anything other than the above,

it should be inspected and appraised by a reputable dealer or coin

certification agency.

Pennies have never been made of silver.

If your coin is dated 1943, it is made of zinc and steel. Copper

wasn't used that year because it was needed for the war effort.

If your coin is dated 1982 or later, it's made of zinc with a

copper coating. The copper coating may have been removed by acid

(not worth anything) or never applied at the mint (worth quite a

bit). You'll need to take your coin to a dealer to be examined. Any

other date, your coin has been plated and is worth 1 cent.

Also, the singular form of "pennies" is penny

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