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I am not a dealer but as a buyer of used shotguns I would start by asking the general condition. Has it been used as a pry bar? As a mallet? Is the stock complete and not damaged? Finish of all metal parts? Probably a max value of $50. but probably a few dollars less. Not because a single shot is a 'bad' gun or a 16 a 'bad' guage but there is just not much value in inexpensive single shots. I see them advertised new for $89+ so used... I personally like a 16 and own one but there popularity is wanning so ammunition is relatively expensive and limited in selection, compared to 12 or 20. Sorry

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Q: What is the value of a single shot 16-gauge Wards Western Field shotgun?
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Who made western field single shot shotgun?

I would need to know the model number of your shotgun to help you with your question.

What is the age and value of a Western Field 12 gauge shotgun?

Western field 12 gauge single shot shotgun serial #82719 x G...age and value/

What is the value of a western field 12 gauge single shot 32 inch barrel matted rib?

Your Western Field shotgun has a value of between 35-90 dollars.

What company makes a western field 410 shotgun that is bolt action and what is the location of the company?

The Western Field shotgun was sold by Montgomery Ward and made by Mossberg. Made around 1964. I inherited one that is in mint condition and still fires. It is a 410 single barrel 150c shotgun.

Western field m150a single barrel shot gun?

Yes, it's a bolt-action 410 gauge shotgun.

How old is a Western Field Model 155a bolt action 410 gauge shotgun what does the A stand for?

A" designates single shot.

How do you remove the barrel from a western field shotgun?

with a hacksaw

What is the approx value of wards western field 410 GA bolt action shotgun?

I just got a western field 410 shotgun and wondering the value of It

How do you determine who made your western field shotgun?

You will need to list the model number of your western Field shotgun,and then I can cross reference the model number to the maker of your shotgun.

Who made the western field model M149A bolt action 20 gauge shotgun?

Mossberg made that shotgun for Montgomery Ward's Western Field fun line. It was the Model 185 in Mossberg shotgun line.

Where can you find parts for a Western Field shotgun?

Numrich Gunparts.

What is the value of a Western Field Model 37EMJ shotgun?

The value of a Western Field model 37 EMJ shotgun will vary depending on the condition. The prices start at an estimated $225.00.

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