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What is the value of a smith and Wesson model 3000 pump shotgun?


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August 24, 2013 1:22PM

The pump-action Model 3000 was imported by Smith & Wesson in the early '80s to compete with the popular Remington 870. It's "split lifter" feeding mechanism addressed the Model 870s biggest drawback, the possibility of a "jam" if the operator "short-stroked" the action while racking a fresh shell into the chamber.

Not long after the introduction of the Model 3000, Remington finally got around to resolving that deficiency with the Model 870's design with the incorporation of the "Flex Tab" modification.

The Models 3000, along with the semi-auto Models 1000 and the centerfire Model 1500 line of rifles, were discontinued in 1984 when S&W's corporate parent Lear Siegler was acquired by Bangor Punta.

The bad news is that few, if any parts are available are available for the Howa (Japan) made Models 3000.

The good news is that those Models 3000 were well made, durable and very robust. A special edition with an extended magazine tube and a Choate side-folding stock kicked around for years in the trunks of California Highway Patrol cruisers.

Prices from $200 to $300 USD are often seen depending on wear.

After S&W discontinued sales the Howa shotgun was marketed by Mossberg keeping the Model 3000 designation. I'm not sure how many years Mossberg sold them. Parts wise they are exactly the same.