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It depends on what Steiff bear it is if you keep it for a long time say 20 years maybe 10 years then sell it you will make good money. The more fragile it will be worth more.

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Q: What is the value of a steiff bear?
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What is the value of steiff bear 670985?

a lot

What is the value for a 1950s steiff bear with growler intact?


I have a steiff polar bear EAN is 062896 please can you tell me how much it is worth?

I am unsure of what the value of your Steiff Polar Bear plush toy. I recommend contacting the Steiff Company to determine what the value is. Their contact information is Steiff North America, Inc. 24 Albion Road Suite 220 Lincoln, RI 02865.

What is the value of Steiff Bear 038280?

depending on which one you buy you can get up to £150

How can you tell if it's a genuine Steiff Bear?

to tell if it is a steiff bear you have to look at its left ear to see if its got the steiff logo on it also it has a little book attachet

What is a small mohair blonde steiff bear worth?

There are several factors that go into assessing the value of any Steiff bear. Size, color, amount of "fur" left, date of manufacture, and general condition of the bear count, as well as if it is in its original packaging.

What is the price of Steiff Elephant 085215?

the value is around 135 euro or 170 USD according to steiff value database.

A teddy bear museum opened in Berlin in which year?

Steiff Galerie

How can you sell a Steiff bear collection?

Use Ebay-it's easy to list.

Where can one purchase a Steiff bear?

Upon researching to find where one can purchase a Steiff bear it has been found that the company has a site for the US and the UK. One can order directly from the site or purchase these bears from either Amazon or eBay.

How much a Steiff polar bear EAN 062896 is worth?

How much a Steiff Polar Bear EAN 062896 will depend upon the condition fo the polar bear. Some of the polar bears on some auction websites are worth upwards of $200 or $300 (which are in very good condition).

Where is Polar the Titanic Bear?

Polar the Titanic Bear was written by Daisy Corning Stone Spedden, and is a true story of Douglas Spedden's Steiff toy bear that survived the Titanic sinking.

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